Airbnb has been training Los Angeles hosts in natural disaster preparations

Airbnb trains hosts in natural disaster preparation

US: Airbnb joined the Los Angeles Emergency Management Department and the American Red Cross to train local Airbnb hosts in preparation in the event of a natural disaster. 

The all-day workshop also included CPR First Aid Certification and was free of charge for Airbnb hosts. The workshop underlined key tips in preparation and guidance in the event of a natural disaster, which would require guests to be fully aware of potential safety procedures.

In addition to important safety information and CPR training, Airbnb hosts also had the opportunity to learn about the company’s Open Homes initiative, which provides free, temporary housing to people who have left their home due to conflict, disaster or medical care.

The Open Homes programme also aids house relief workers and volunteers. During the California fires in Northern and Southern California in November last year, more than 2,500 hosts Airbnb hosts opened their home to around 2,300 people in need of accommodations.

Airbnb host Marty Morisky told the Los Angeles Sentinel: “As a father-of-three, I know what it’s like to be concerned about one’s family and their security. Airbnb not only allows me to make valuable income to support my family, it also allows to do something that I’m very passionate about: help others.

“Through the Open Homes programme, I’ve been able to open my home to six guests and look forward to continuing to help in times of need,” he added.

“Airbnb’s Open Homes programme is a wonderful tool that better helps both Angelenos and visitors be ready in the event of a natural disaster. We’re proud to partner with Airbnb to train Angelenos on emergency preparedness,” said Aram Sahakian of the Los Angeles Emergency Management Department.

Joselito Garcia Ruiz of the American Red Cross said: “Thanks to today’s training, more Angelenos are prepared and ready for an emergency. We are proud to partner with Airbnb as they are committed to safety and building community resilience.”

For more information on the Airbnb Open Homes programme, visit the website here.

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