AirDNA: Record July continues blockbuster summer in Europe

Europe: According to short-term rental data provider AirDNA’s latest monthly review, European short-term rentals saw their strongest July on record, with more than 50 million nights stayed, and average rates and occupancy up.

Northern countries saw high demand growth from travellers avoiding searing heatwaves in the south, with the highest demand growth year over year in Norway [+29.3 per cent] and Sweden [+26.3 per cent].

Year-over-year growth has been stronger in the top 50 European cities than outside of them, as international travel brings demand back to urban environments, though demand does remain 14 per cent below 2019 in these top 50 cities.

Eastern cities remain strong for the rest of the summer and autumn, with Bucharest [+52 per cent], Vienna [+49 per cent] and Budapest [+48 per cent] seeing around 50 per cent more nights on the books for August through October than at the same time last year. French and Italian cities are also seeing strong growth in demand for August – October in Lyon [+51 per cent], Marseille [+47 per cent], Naples [+45 per cent] and Milan [+44 per cent].

Across Europe, September and October have 31 per cent and 33 per cent more nights booked than at the same time last year as the extended high season looks strong.

In June, AirDNA reported on a strong start to the summer season in Europe, with over 37 million nights stayed, 32.8 per cent more than in 2019 and 22.6 per cent more than last year. However, different countries saw different levels of recovery, in part depending on their reliance on international travel, which had been slower to pick up.

Last month, the data provider acquired location intelligence platform Arrivalist – its first acquisition since being purchased by private equity firm Alpine Investors last March.

Read the full AirDNA European monthly review at this link.