AJL has launched a hospitality education programme for the vacation rental industry

AJL launches hospitality education for the vacation rental industry

Zurich: AJL Atelier, a boutique advisory firm for the global private accommodation and short-term rental industry, has joined forces with Switzerland’s hotel.school in order to develop and deliver educational programmes that elevate the professionalism and development of vacation rental professionals.

Lausanne-based hotel.school is a fully remote learning platform with the mission to accelerate hospitality careers by leveraging technology-driven education partnering with leading professionals in order to make accessible world-renowned Swiss-quality hospitality education.

AJL Atelier is considered to be one of the most experienced advisory firms servicing the global private accommodation and short-term rental industry, and it provides consultancy, financial advisory, pricing solutions and performance optimisation for property managers and tech solutions globally.

AJL Education will be headed up by AJL co-founder Cristina Lehmann and will provide high-quality exclusive content for hotel.school delivered by short-term rental industry experts including SafeStay co-founder Natasha Morgan, former Operto CEO Michael Driedger, Natural Retreats’ director of revenue management and analytics, Sarah Franzen, Rented CCO Cliff Johnson and former Expedia executive Susan Tormollan.

Each course will contain six core modules designed to deliver full knowledge to those already involved in short-term rentals or those looking to enter the market for the first time. Topics covered include business strategy, revenue management, marketing, operations, distribution and leveraging technology.

AJL co-founder Simon Lehmann said: “At AJL, we’ve talked for a long time about the short-term rental industry suffering from low standards and issues around professionalism that do not match consumer expectations. Our partnership with hotel.school is a perfect fit with a clear mandate to provide knowledge, skills and resources that support business owners and their staff access the highest quality education provided by our experts.”

AJL Education is available from 8 December and more information can be found at this link.

​For more information on AJL Atelier and its full suite of professional services, visit this link.

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