AngoCasa rolls out Boa Estadia to cater to rental demand in Angola

Angola: Real estate portal AngoCasa has launched the short-term rental platform, Boa Estadia, to cater for a sizeable increase in market demand in Angola

Boa Estadia lists private houses, apartments, bungalows, guest houses and hotels on a short-term basis, and listing on the site is currently free. Those behind the announcement describe it as a “pioneering” project in the African country.

The rise in short-term rental demand in Angola is starkly different to the global landscape, largely down to the global outbreak of the coronavirus. The African country, however, has seen considerably fewer cases reported, with only 52 confirmed cases and three deaths at the time of writing, compared to a global tally of just over five million confirmed cases and 328,000 deaths.

AngoCasa has launched the service as an alternative option to compete alongside “giants of the international accommodation industry” such as Airbnb and, who have entered the Angolan market in recent years. However, as the sites only offer digital payments in U.S. dollar and Euro currencies, Boa Estadia will specifically offer prices in the Angolan currency, kwanzas, to target native consumers.

Boa Estadia will now be added as a new section on the AngoCasa site as the company seeks to greater exposure in the country and beyond.

AngoCasa itself claims to garner more than 700,000 page views a month and over 12,000 leads generated over the same timeframe.

Both Boa Estadia and AngoCasa are owned by Tech Africa PTE Ltd.

For more information, visit the AngoCasa website here and the Boa Estadia website here.