Second AJL Profitability Hub online conference to be held on 26 May

Worldwide: The boutique consulting firm for the private accommodation industry, AJL Consulting, has partnered with industry resource platform, PillowTalk Media, to launch a second AJL Profitability Hub online conference for the professional short-term rental industry. 

The conference, which is free to register, has a live kick-off on 26 May and will feature panel discussions with 24 speakers from across technology, property management, data and industry associations.

Simon Lehmann, founding partner of AJL Consulting and event organiser, said: “Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the trajectory of the short-term rental industry has changed for everyone. Trends that looked certain three or four months ago no longer seem so relevant and we are also looking at hyper fast-forwarding progress in other areas.

“With the AJL Profitability Hub conference, our goal is to provide fruitful conversations into all topics that are impacting property management right now,” he added.

Topics covered during the conference sessions include:

  • The franchise model – The crossroads between an international brand and hyper-local presence?

  • The elephants in the zoom – Leading through a crisis

  • Data – Understanding an uncharted territory

  • Food chain to value chain –The future consolidation of the tech ecosystem

  • Connectivity – Can increased connectivity support the professionalisation of the short-term rental industry?

  • Luxury – The future of luxury rentals

  • Technology – Rebuilding trust in the short term rental space

  • The associations – Is there a case for consolidating lobbying power?

Jessica Gillingham, director of Abode PR and founder of PillowTalk Media, said: “We are delighted to partner with the team at AJL Consulting again on the second AJL Profitability Hub. This time we have over 24 speakers and during the eight sessions, we hope that property managers will learn from the many of the experts during what is sure to be lively, insightful and thought-provoking discussions.”

Speakers during the conference include: Jeremy Gall, founder and CEO, Breezeway; Michael Driedger, co-founder and CEO, Operto; Alex Nigg, founder and CEO, Properly; Humphrey Bowles, co-founder and CEO, GUARDHOG; Emily Bruce-Watt, founder and CEO, Air Peace of Mind; Moriya Rockman, founder and CMO, Smiling House; Oliver Corkhill, CEO, Leo Trippi; Jonathan Lancaster, senior vice president, Natural Retreats; Sebastien Grosjean, founder and CEO, BookingSync; Vered Raviv-Schwarz, COO, Guesty; Alex Aydin, CEO, BookingPal; Pranav Maheshwari, founder and head of technology, Vista Rooms; Greg Holcomb, government relations director, VRMA; Henrik Kjellberg, CEO, Awaze; Tom Caton, chief revenue officer, AirDNA; Enrique Alcantara, president, Apartur; Merilee Kerr, chair, STAA and CEO, UnderTheDoormat; Carlos Villaro Lassen, secretary general, EHHA; David Krauss, founder, Rent Responsibly; Michael Friedman, director of sales and expansion, Skyrun; Robin Coenen, marketing and sales, Club Villamar; Nino Dubretic, founder and CEO, Direct Booker; Quirin Schwaighofer, co-founder and co-CEO, Made Comfy; Simon Lehmann, founder and CEO, AJL Consulting; Nicolas Galantini, senior account manager, AJL Consulting; and Jessica Gillingham, director, Abode PR.

Registration for the live ‘kick-off’ on 26 May at 4:30 pm BST/5:30 pm CET is free and all registrants will receive the session recording. To register, visit the PillowTalk Media website here.