Autohost creates threat intelligence platform

Toronto: Intelligent guest screening software Autohost has launched an “industry-first” threat intelligence platform that has been created to help protect the hospitality industry.

The platform, which is now generally available, aggregates critical reputation data from over 200 threat feeds globally into a single, searchable, API-driven database. It can be used to help protect hospitality operators from fraud, identity theft, and other criminal activity commonly seen in the industry.

When integrated into other platforms such as property management systems [PMS], including direct-booking websites, loyalty programmes, affiliate programmes, and others, Autohost Threat Intelligence can help proactively identify and prevent the creation of fake accounts, identity theft, and other fraud-related risks that can lead to revenue loss from chargebacks or to other damaging and costly criminal activity. The cloud-based, open-API platform provides instant access to a database that is updated continuously adding thousands of malicious indicators every day.

Autohost co-founder and CEO, Roy Firestein, said: “The hospitality industry faces significant challenges on a daily basis from fraud and criminal activities, putting operators at-risk of revenue and reputation loss. From fraudulent bookings to chargebacks to criminal activity, such as identity theft, sex trafficking and even money laundering, we have seen it all.

“Since our inception, Autohost has been focused on helping our operators protect their business by proactively vetting their guests. With the launch of our open Threat Intelligence platform, we aim to help our broader community by giving them access to data and intelligence that will allow them to better protect their businesses and guests,” he added.

The simple and open API is designed to allow operators to easily integrate the tool into their platform or existing technology stack, immediately identifying and preventing malicious activity. As part of the initial launch, the platform’s main features include:

  • Access to 200+ threat intelligence feeds
  • Open for [free] public use
  • Simple web-based searchable interface
  • Open-APIs for easy integration

​Moving forward, Autohost plans to continue to expand and enhance the platform by adding new features, capabilities and additional indicators. Using the data collected, Autohost will also release industry-specific threat intelligence reports, sharing insights and patterns into fraud trends that will better assist and inform the hospitality industry of the latest threats.

For more information, or if you suspect an IP address of being suspicious or part of fraudulent activity, you can scan the address for free through Autohost’s Threat Intelligence platform.

A few months ago, Autohost partnered with occupancy people-counter Party Squasher by BlueZoo Inc. to help professional property managers prevent short-term rental parties, theft, and fraud – protecting properties, neighbours and the community.