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Avantio and Europ Assistance promote alternative rental insurance

Spain: Vacation rental management property management system and channel manager, Avantio, has teamed up with insurance company Europ Assistance to promote a new type of insurance for damage to vacation rental homes. 

Inclusion damage modality is a new form of insurance that has been created exclusively for the holiday rental sector. The agreement between Avantio and Europ Assistance will also open up new possibilities for vacation rental property managers to offering guests a bond-free stay with this insurance for the first time.

Traditionally, the collection of the deposit has been a security deposit for the agency, covering any damage caused by guests during their stay, however it has also been linked to rising tension and disagreement between agencies and the guests. The result of this can be negative reviews, complaints from the owner, loss of trust and loss of money when the agency decides to cover the costs of the damages itself.

The insurance coming under the agreement between Avantio and Europ Assistance will include both damage protection and reservation cancellation protection.

Avantio CEO Manuel Giner said: “This is a very important step for property managers, owners and guests who will no longer experience the obstacle and friction that the collection and return of a finance entails. It is a very high benefit for a very competitive cost thanks to our agreement with Europ Assistance.”

The partnership will also allow for greater peace of mind for owners and a more pleasant guest experience for tourists.

Pablo Moreno, general manager of Europ Assistance in Spain, said: “Europ Assistance is proud to sign this agreement with a company like Avantio. After years of experience acquired by our group in the US, we moved the vacation rental protection model to Europe, so that the guest has the peace of mind of enjoying their stay without having to worry about deposits or damage caused to the home. and at the same time the property manager has the assurance of having the property protected.

“In addition, it offers a much more simplified process by eliminating the deposit as a guarantee,” he added.

Avantio seeks to simplify the complexities of operations and property management, while Europ Assistance aims to offer peace of mind to holiday homeowners and tenants alike.

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