Bellevue-based Lubn unveils 4G / LTE key lockbox: the IoT Smart Lock

Bellevue: Autonomous property management solution provider Lubn Inc. has unveiled a 4G / LTE key lockbox with a visual authentication feature – the IoT Smart Lock.

Lubn claims the smart lock will be the first of its kind in the world, which operates via an embedded camera that recognises mobile QR codes issued by the property manager to the intended visitor. The key lockbox photographs the visitor as they check-in.

Following that, the photo is sent to the manager’s phone via the 4G/LTE network, so they can be assured of the visitor’s identity. This network also serves other functions, such as allowing the manager to use their phone to remotely unlock their building.

Lubn CEO and founder Yuan-Chou Chung said: “Our mission to bring transparency and automation to the property management industry starts with building trust between the property managers and their guests/visitors.”

The company aims to allow property owners and managers to efficiently schedule, track and organise guest access, as well as link other property services through their own dashboard application. It seeks to provide automated solutions for property managers, store owners, service providers or individuals looking to manage their property access for contractors, guests or visitors.

Lubn co-founder and CTO Autumn Li said: “We have focused on fulfilling uncovered user needs by creating new scenarios that have never been solved in the past.”

Lubn’s technology also includes the “Lubn Dashboard,” the web app which enables managers and owners to track multiple properties and build a profile for each visitor, based on their recorded check-in/out data. The goal is to take the recorded data into account for property managers to make more informed business decisions.

The company also revealed it had been recognised with the prestigious CES 2019 Innovation Award in the smart home product category. The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition which honours outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.

Charles Chang, co-founder and advisor for Lubn, said: “Our team has made significant progress in creating the world’s most intelligent property management platform and we are well under way in democratising the property management industry across all segments. We are excited to reveal our newest model and enhanced platform with the press and the public at CES.”