Beyond's predictive revenue solution [Credit: Beyond]

Beyond debuts predictive revenue solution

US: Revenue management system Beyond has announced the launch of its predictive revenue solution, described as an “unprecedented suite of solutions” designed to empower property managers and hosts to maximise their revenue potential in a challenging market environment.

Brian Brendell, SVP of product at Beyond, said: “At a time when the vacation rental industry is feeling the pinch of fewer bookings, we have engineered a forward-thinking, adaptive solution, led by our expertise in revenue management to turn the tide in favour of our clients. Our approach, deeply rooted in continuous improvement and innovation, also leverages advanced AI algorithms to ensure our users stay leaps and bounds ahead of the growing competition.”

To thrive in the competitive vacation rental market, leveraging a deep understanding of market trends, high-quality data, guest demand and strategic pricing supported by more than a decade of expertise and machine learning is essential, according to Beyond. The company’s bundle of features comes equipped with predictive analytics and data-driven strategies tailored to a property manager’s unique listing.

With Beyond’s predictive revenue solution, property managers can:

  • Automatically adjust prices in real-time with guest search data, guaranteeing optimal rates to boost revenue and occupancy.
  • Define and track revenue objectives and measure historical revenue performance against annual targets.
  • Generate customised pricing recommendations crafted by vacation rental experts tailored to a unique listing and market with “unmatched” accuracy.
  • Create a custom comp set in any market to determine where next to invest.
  • Share downloadable detailed market insights in one click to help guide actionable decision-making and drive impactful conversations.
  • Use the connected and sourced data to accurately price listings.


Brendell added: “Imagine having the power to predict the future of the market and price your rental optimally at any given moment, even when the rest of the market is losing out on bookings. That’s the edge we provide. Our bundle isn’t just about surviving; it’s about succeeding against the odds.”

Customers who integrated search powered pricing within Beyond’s platform witnessed significant revenue growth, totalling an additional $5 million over six months.

Rodney Culiver, COO of a property management company in Key West, Florida, said: “Beyond has undoubtedly saved our team hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of manual pricing analysis and updates. Since incorporating Beyond, it has allowed us to reach that ‘next level’ success, Beyond is a user-friendly and hands-on dynamic pricing tool that will simplify your job and increase your bottom line.”

Modern travel trends demand a level of adaptability and foresight that traditional revenue management methods cannot provide, according to Beyond. The company’s predictive revenue solution has advanced the options available to hosts and property managers by offering detailed insights into market behaviour, guest demand and pricing.


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