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BlueZoo launches Party Squasher SafePro program

US: Silicon-based technology company BlueZoo Inc, maker of Party Squasher, which claims to be “the first occupancy measurement technology designed expressly for short-term rental properties”, has launched its SafePro program to help insurers understand and mitigate risks from overcrowding.

As a result of the program launch, it is intended that rental operators will avoid damage and insurers will avoid claims that result from crowds and parties at short-term rental properties. 

Parties and overcrowding at short term rentals have become a significant problem for the industry, putting owners and operators at risk. Vandalism and destruction of property, injuries to guests, violence and theft, and neighbourhood nuisances as simple as parking and noise can also create potential liabilities for insurers.

Traditional property insurance provides limited coverage for short-term rental use, so specialised products are being created to provide proper protection.  

Property Protect founder and CEO, Kate Birtch, said: “Insurers are excited to partner with property managers to create safe and effective rental opportunities. We view this opportunity as a win-win-win for both the property owner, the guest and the insurance companies.

“Party Squasher’s privacy-protecting sensors reliably measure occupancy at rentals, alerting operators of risks before the party damage happens,” she added.

Fred Renard, SVP of sales at BlueZoo, said: “Parties at rentals represent a significant new peril that insurers need to understand. We are thrilled to launch SafePro for innovative insurers to help deliver modern technology for risk mitigation.

“Like monitored fire alarms, Party Squasher sensors provide a simple way for both insurers and the insured to prevent risks,” he added.

The first insurers to participate in the SafePro program are Proper Insurance, Property Protect, and Relax Damage Waiver.  

In September, BlueZoo announced that it received its sixth patent approval by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Patent application 2019 / 0172096 A1, Mobile Device Detection and Tracking was approved in June and describes techniques for passively monitoring the number of guests in a rental property while definitively protecting guest privacy.

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