to participate in BnB Guest Conference in Athens

Athens: will participate in the first BnB Guest Conference to be held on 24 January at the Wyndham Grand Athens hotel in the Greek capital.

Organised by Smart Press and entitled “The Best for the Guest”, the conference will offer insight on the effect that short-term rentals have on the operation, commercial life and competition of the city of Athens.

Also attending the conference will be representatives of market companies such as, who will present a section on the evolution of the short-term vacation rental sector on the company’s platform, as well as industry data.

Earlier this year, announced key enhancements for professional short-term rental partners.

It is now launching new tools for partners focused on the specific, unique needs of short-term rental segment, aided by direct feedback from partners, on the types of improvements that would be most useful and pertinent for their business.

Information on the available tools and solutions on the platform will be presented at the BnB Guest Conference during a workshop for the company’s professional short-term rental partners.

Smart Press CEO Costas Nostis said: “The BnB Guest Conference has ensured the active presence of, one of the largest online booking platforms in the tourism industry, to enable participants to get informed of current developments in the short-term rental market by a leading provider but also to acquire specialised knowledge of the tools available, to enable them to improve and develop the way they work.”

Held for the first time in Athens, the BnB Guest Conference will act as an information hub for all those involved in short-term rentals, aiming to provide them with the opportunity to offer better services and maximise their benefits.

Furthermore, during the conference, tax and regulatory issues which concern owners and managers will be analysed in separate sections and valuable tips will be offered about new regulation of short-term rental activity.

The BnB Guest Conference is addressed to individuals or companies involved in the sharing economy and short-term vacation rental market, and to those who lease or plan to lease their properties and wish to be informed on current and future developments.

It is also addressed to institutional market players, tourism, trade and real-estate professionals, investment and construction companies, owners of small hotels and guest houses and equipment and services suppliers.
It will also be free of charge to attend the BnB Guest Conference.