BookingPal announces partnership with Smiling House Luxury

US / Switzerland: Cloud-based travel technology company BookingPal has announced a partnership with Swiss property management company Smiling House Luxury to expand the selection of ultra-luxury channels available to property managers through the former’s channel connector API.

Policies to only accept vacation homes that are not listed on common OTA sites can limit the ability of luxury property managers to receive high-quality guest bookings. Smiling House’s discerning inventory selection process means that it serves a distinct niche of properties that fall into a very opulent category of luxury.

With an instant connection between both companies through the partnership, property managers will have the opportunity to gain increased exposure to guest clientele who book such vacation homes.

Smiling House’s site is an entirely request-to-book platform, with no automated booking option. Its property review team and the property manager him/herself each have an opportunity to review a booking request to determine if the property is a good match to the guest.

Smiling House founder and head of marketing, Moriya Rockman, said: “At Smiling House, we offer a superior hospitality product with strong communication and expectations with both guests and property managers that each booking is an ideal fit for each party. Our customer service team considers themselves an extension of the property manager’s business and treats each booking with stellar care.”

BookingPal founder and CEO, Alex Aydin, said: “We are pleased to add Smiling House to our luxury offerings, enabling property managers to be considered for joining their elite inventory with one click through our channel connector. The team at Smiling House embodies a return to high-touch customer service and quality representation of the homes of their property management companies.

“We are proud to aid in their efforts,” he added.

With more than 3,400 luxury properties available in 90 destinations, Smiling House intends to utilise BookingPal’s channel connector API to expand its collection and accept submissions from other property management companies.

Last week, BookingPal confirmed a partnership with Aspen-based ski resort vacation planning firm