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The Book Direct Blueprint [Credit: Boostly]

Boostly founder launches The Book Direct Blueprint

UK: Mark Simpson, founder of online hospitality training platform Boostly, has announced the release of The Book Direct Blueprint on Monday 12 December, a multi-authored follow-up to his debut worldwide bestseller, The Book Direct Playbook.

While the latter covered the marketing tools and tactics needed to run a short-term rental portfolio, The Book Direct Blueprint deep-dives into the foundational systems and structures needed to launch a successful direct booking hospitality business. It features 12 dedicated chapters from renowned industry leaders covering their insights, tactics and exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences.

Readers can expect to learn the art of revenue management from dynamic pricing solution PriceLabs, how to achieve a golden guest experience with digital guidebook brand Touch Stay, the must-knows around guest verification and host protection from SUPERHOG, and more – as well as an exclusive Boostly chapter from Simpson himself.

The full list of contributing companies include:

  • Boostly
  • I-PRAC
  • Minoan
  • Uplisting
  • PriceLabs
  • DACK
  • Dtravel
  • Mount
  • TechTape
  • Touch Stay
  • Co Host Expert Company

Available in both printed and audio form via Amazon, all profits from The Book Direct Blueprint sales will go to food bank charities and local schools in Yorkshire, UK.

Simpson said: “The book direct movement is growing rapidly. At Boostly, we’ve seen it firsthand: our clients have doubled in the past year, we’ve generated revenue at record levels, and the statistics even show that guests are now opting for direct booking as a preferred booking method.

“This book comes at a pivotal time for the industry, and I’d like to thank everyone who’s contributed to The Book Direct Blueprint. I hope it will help hospitality businesses – from short-term rentals to B&Bs and hotels – to take ownership of their bookings and transform their business,” he added.

Touch Stay CMO and contributing author, Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies, said: “As the title suggests, this book is a step-by-step guide to help property managers and hosts progress, enhance and elevate their businesses – to make profitability, productivity and sustainable success a reality. Behind the brands and products represented in this book are genuine experts in this field with a genuine desire to share expertise and first-hand experiences, and to help others succeed in this space too.”

James Soulodre, head of marketing at Dtravel and contributing author, said: “We believe the direct booking model is not only better for both hosts and guests, but for the short-term and vacation rental industry as a whole. This book will help you unlock how to scale your business, drive more direct bookings and set you up for success in a world where guests prefer to stay direct.

“It’s been an exciting opportunity to educate and share insight into how web3 technology will empower individuals with greater ownership over their digital lives and the businesses they run,” he added.

The Book Direct Blueprint is available on Amazon in print for £12.99, and in Kindle and audio form for 99p from 12 December 2022. For more information, visit this link.

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