Boostly partners with Rentals United

UK / Spain: Boostly, an online training platform for hospitality owners, has joined forces with channel management solution Rentals United to provide users with direct booking technology and custom-web design.

API [application programming interface] allows two applications to communicate with one another to access data. From a user’s perspective, APIs allow people to complete certain actions, without leaving the website they are originally on.

The partnership between Rentals United and Boostly will mean that guests can enjoy an undisturbed booking experience on a WordPress website, without needing to visit a third-party platform or OTA [online travel agency]. The Book Direct Revolution is therefore being placed at the heart of booking processes.

As Boostly offers a WordPress solution [powering 34 per cent of all websites on the internet] alongside Rentals United’s booking engine, it will sync live booking rates, live booking availability, as well as live property information onto one direct platform.

The websites will ultimately serve as a competitive replacement for ‘traditional’ booking websites, for a fraction of the cost and with the presence of “100 per cent control”.

The two companies claim that it is the first time that the full functionality of WordPress, as well as Boostly’s marketing expertise, will come to fruition, in this partnership.

In line with Boostly’s mantra of “turning more lookers into bookers”, Rentals United’s software is used by property managers all over the world, and the company is keen to add something to its growing marketplace that will boost direct bookings – directly via a short-term rental operator’s website.

Vanessa de Souza Lage, Co-Founder and CMO of Rentals United said: “With our extensive experience in distribution, we highly advocate for property managers to diversify their marketing strategies. This means on top of being placed on top OTAs and niche channels, it is critical for companies to offer direct booking options.

“Our new partnership with Boostly is revolutionary in making it simple and seamless for property managers to do so,” she added.

Until now, hosts had only been able to list properties on third-party platforms such as Airbnb, Vrbo, the Booking Holdings group, or use plugins [a software add-on]. These solutions are neither smooth nor efficient for website hosts, and provide a laboured booking experience for guests.

However, WordPress websites can now be powered by live booking engines.

Mark Simpson, founder and CEO of Boostly, believes that the partnership will strengthen the ‘Book Direct’ movement: “The goal has always been to turn more lookers into bookers – and this is exactly what we’re doing [successfully] by partnering with Rentals United. The company already boasts seamless software and epic booking engines; however by integrating with Boostly’s WordPress websites, Rentals United will provide a bonafide solution for all their members.

“Not only will these websites guarantee more direct bookings, it’ll make the booking process much simpler – which is exactly what we collectively want for the industry, as well as visibility for smaller short-term rental business owners, in a noisy world, dominated by OTAs.

“Here’s to more efficiency, profitability, and ethical business – what could be more exciting?” he added.

To date, Boostly has built over 600 WordPress websites and helped more than 1000 property owners generate more direct bookings, as the only accredited training company in the short-term rental industry. By joining forces with Simpson’s team, Rentals United expects to present a website offering that will draw in its members to gain more control and earn greater profits.

Last week, the training platform announced its integration with leading property management software platform Guesty.