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Breezeway becomes official Airbnb partner

US: Property maintenance and cleaning software platform Breezeway has become an official Airbnb Software Partner.

The integration leverages multiple data connections to bring automation and operational insights to hosts and property managers. By integrating with Airbnb, hosts and property managers can use Breezeway to coordinate their operations, including scheduling cleaning and property preparation, using smart checklists and automated messaging and workflows to drive a predictable guest experience.

Using Airbnb’s reviews API, Breezeway also enables hosts and property managers to connect Airbnb guest reviews with individual tasks and specific property workflows, providing insights from review data to identify homes, cleaning processes, or other workflows that may benefit from additional management and support. This means hosts and property managers, including the thousands of Breezeway clients that also use a third-party PMS, can see what is working well and quickly implement improvements to the guest experience to address operational gaps, resulting in higher quality stays.

With fully-integrated messaging between Breezeway and Airbnb, hosts and property managers can now view and respond to Airbnb message threads within the Breezeway platform. Breezeway Guide, a personalised digital welcome book, and Breezeway Assist, a 24-hour call-service supplemented with Breezeway’s AI-driven engine, are also connected through the Airbnb integration.

Jeremy Gall, CEO and founder of Breezeway, said: “We’re excited to become an official Airbnb Software Partner. We share a commitment to helping hosts and property managers create consistent hospitality experiences at unique and authentic homes. From cleaning and quality assurance to supply restocking, linens, routine maintenance, upkeep, property safety, and helping the guest enjoy all the amenities of the home, there is a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes to create a great guest experience. Breezeway automates these workflows and reduces errors, to help hosts and property managers meet guest expectations every single time. Building Airbnb review insights into Breezeway gives property managers and hosts invaluable data that ties their property preparation tasks and activities directly to guest reviews. This is another way innovative technology is helping drive operational excellence and deliver better guest experiences, leading to higher ratings and more bookings. ”