CertiStay has launched a solution for short-term rentals [Credit: CertiStay]

CertiStay launches software safety and security solution

US: Third party safety and security auditors CertiStay has announced that after a successful proof of concept trial, it is launching its service in multiple locations across North America.

The company says it provides safety inspections and certifications for short-term rentals with a proprietary software tool and trained auditors

The CertiStay audited certification process provides property owners with the opportunity to reduce safety and security issues, limit their liability and demonstrate their commitment to guest safety and security through an independent third-party certification.

The inaugural propriety auditing tool has been developed by police and fire chiefs, insurance underwriters, experienced vacation rental industry professionals and government leaders. All audits are completed by fully trained auditors, while the operational process is fully backed by leading software developers.

According to Transparent Intelligence, the global short-term rental supply listed on major OTAs grew by 33 per cent from 2017 to 2018 to reach a total of 7.1 million properties. Currently, there is little regulation enforcement or safety standardisation for homeowners or property managers, nor is there a clearly identified way for guests to ensure that the homes they are booking both meet and exceed these standards.

CertiStay has been conceived in order to create a global standard where guests are assured of the safety and security of their accommodation while short-term rental providers can reduce their liabilities and ensure that they follow best practices.

CertiStay CEO Randy Bacik said: “The current regulations for vacation and short-term rentals are confusing and inconsistent. Today’s guests want assurance that the properties they are staying in meet safety and security standards that are on a par with hotels.

“The CertiStay solution meets that need, as well as providing an efficient process for property investors and property managers, and the added bonus of cost reductions on insurance,” he added.

For more information, visit the website here.

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