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AirDNA partners with real estate data platform Cherre

US: Short-term rental data provider AirDNA has partnered with New York-based real estate data platform Cherre.

Cherre will integrate AirDNA’s findings into its database, allowing New York real-estate investors to connect the short term rental market with possible investment decisions.

AirDNA sales director Sarah Dupre said in the announcement: “Our partnership with Cherre puts AirDNA insights at our clients’ fingertips and allows them to analyse the short-term rental market alongside third-party data such as prices, crime statistics, POI and more.”

AirDNA provides insights for over ten million vacation rental listings in 80,000 listings globally, hoping to empower stakeholders in the short-term rental industry to capitalise on the explosive growth the sphere has seen as of recent.

Cherre, by contrast, is a platform focusing on providing AI-powered real estate data for insurers, investors, and beyond, hoping to provide a singular source, empowering clients to make accelerated decisions and reduce costs in manual data collection and analytics.

Steve Coutts, VP of sales and data partnerships at Cherre, said: “Incorporating AirDNA’s comprehensive coverage of the vacation rental market into the Cherre platform will provide mutual customers specialising in the residential, multi-family and hospitality sectors with deeper insight into asset revenue potential and valuation.”

Data is becoming an increasingly important part of the short-term rental market; Airbnb’s major compromise with the city of New York relied on its ability to provide the city with analytics data. AirDNA and Transparent represent the largest share of the market, but fragmentation means that there is still room for competitors to come up as a result.

With Airbnb itself relying on data more, tying internal bonuses to guest’s safety, this alliance may allow AirDNA to truly swipe at market dominance rather than holding significant market share.

To learn more, check out our video interview with AirDNA’s James Kinnersley at the Short Stay Summit Barcelona.