Circular Hospitality has launched in Central Florida [Credit: Circular Hospitality]

Circular Hospitality launches in Central Florida

US: Tech-enabled vacation rental platform Circular Hospitality, which provides full-service management solution to homeowners and “exceptional experiences” to travellers, has launched in Central Florida.

Circular co-founder George Ruizcalderon, who has experience in operating and developing luxury hotels, said: “Circular is committed to optimising care and revenues for homeowners while bringing the same level of service and standards travellers expect in an upscale hotel within the confines of a beautiful and spacious home.”

The company has set its sights on becoming a leading vacation rental platform for upscale and luxury homes, and bringing an end to what Ruizcalderon calls “vacation rental roulette”. This, he said, will be achieved by providing homeowners with a transparent, high-quality, full-service rental solution and travellers with a reliable, authentic, and upscale rental experience.

Ruizcalderon said: “The industry is filled with thousands of local property managers all operating under different standards and service levels. Travellers are too often cat-fished into booking homes that fall short of their expectations, while property owners are left having their prized possessions managed by local operators that do not care about the condition of their homes and fail to maximise their full rental potential.

“Prior to onboarding any property onto our platform, we individually inspect every home to ensure its décor, amenities and condition meet our brand standards. If the home passes our inspection, we then invest alongside homeowners to retrofit each property with smart home devices and high-end finishes.

“We care more than other operators because we invest our capital, our interests are aligned, and our reputation is at stake,” he added.

Circular is entering the vacation rental industry on the heels of a global vaccination campaign and the re-emergence of travel.

Ruizcalderon said: “We are excited about the future of travel and the entire vacation rental industry. As we come out of the pandemic and travellers seek accommodations with more space, privacy, and comfort we believe Circular has an offering that people are looking for.”

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