CuddlyNest partner and COO, Ritesh Raj [Credit: CuddlyNest]

CuddlyNest launches “Plan Now, Stay Later” logo and slogan

US: Chicago-based online rental marketplace CuddlyNest has added “Plan Now, Stay Later” to its “Browse. Book. Stay.” slogan, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the inclusion of “Plan Now, Stay Later” in its mantra, the booking platform, with over one million accommodations worldwide, has also altered its logo to demonstrate social distancing with its birds flying in opposite directions. The edit to the logo and slogan has been made across the platform’s social media channels, including InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and LinkedIn.

CuddlyNest’s partner and COO, Ritesh Raj, said: “We wanted to clearly show that social distancing and adhering to the policies set by the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] is a priority of our business. While travel is at the core of what we offer, we want to encourage our guests to stay home at this time.

“We also want to help guide them in planning a safe and incredible getaway in the future,” he added.

Founded in late 2016, CuddlyNest says it is continuing its efforts to provide the travel community with information, tips, inspiration, and guides for future travel.

Raj said: “The travel industry and the global community are seeing a major set back right now, but we will overcome this pandemic stronger than ever. With the support of our team, families, and friends, we aim to give everyone the opportunity to explore our beautiful destinations again, very soon.”

The CuddlyNest support team is working to ensure that the safety of its guests, hosts, and partners is the top priority. The platform has a banner located on its homepage that directs to its response page, which answers all Covid-19 related questions.

Its support team can be reached on the website’s contact page, and at

For more information on CuddlyNest’s Covid-19 response, visit the link to the company’s website here.

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