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ENVI Lodges to launch at AHIC

Dubai: Luxury experiential lodge brand and hospitality management company, ENVI Lodges, which aims to transform the hospitality industry in the Middle East, is set to launch next week. 

ENVI, which will officially launch at AHIC – Arabian & African Hospitality Investment Conference [20-22 September, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE], has been created with sustainability at its core, recreating the luxury of five-star amenities in unchartered territories, with immersive, nature-based experiences throughout.

Created by co-founders Chris Nader and Noelle Homsey, ENVI will offer land owners and investors a one-stop solution to develop eco-friendly lodging, with a low negative impact on the environment. Each of the brand’s lodges is being made out of renewable, local and sustainable materials, and lodge owners will reuse, recycle, up-cycle, and minimise their energy consumption.

Three different types of luxury accommodation with sustainable practice in mind will be available for guests through a distribution network of hotels:

  • Tents

Durable canvas, layered roof for ventilation, stainless steel frame, Velcro zipper windows, webbing straps, UV resistant and waterproof, fire retardant.

  • Prefab villas

Pre-fabricated modular turnkey construction, eco-friendly, fully customisable, computer-aided manufacturing, high energy saving, low maintenance.

  • Alternative pods

Ideal for adventures and out of the box experiences, from geodesic pods, to bubbles, treehouses, trailers or even floating accommodation.

ENVI has also created three categories of lodges to recognise the differences between each type of accommodation, using ‘Rings’ as a proprietary classification system, designed to represent ‘eternity’:

  • Single ring lodge

Mostly suitable for lower project investments, limited facilities, and smaller accommodation units such as bubbles, domes, trailers, or treehouses. It offers a raw experience with fewer service touchpoints than the following two ring categories.

  • Double ring lodge

Granted for projects where the number of facilities, extent of service, diversity in experiences, and size of accommodation units would allow the lodge to compete with traditional five-star resorts.

  • Triple ring lodge

Granted to lodges consisting of large tents or prefab villas, all having private pools. It is “the ultimate pampered experience” in nature, with private butlers, more service frills, and tailor-made experiences.

ENVI Lodges will be based in a number of undisclosed destinations, although it has been revealed that the accommodations themselves will be found in mountain, desert, waterfront, farm and heritage locations.