Guesty integrates with automation software Wishbox

Israel: Guesty has integrated with automation and up-sell software Wishbox, in order to help hosts create the best possible guest experience.

The company claims that the integration will take some of the burden away from property managers by enabling smooth management and hosting from the moment a booking is processed until the time the guest checks out.

WishBox serves property managers by automating the coordination process, which will reduce the stress of seeing a long flow of emails discussing logistics. Wishbox sends guests the confirmations of their bookings, collects relevant documents like passport scans and provides guests with a pre-check in message, thereby providing them with all the necessary details with which they will need to check in.

Guests can utilise the Wishbox app throughout their stays to access important information about the property, like a house manual or the Wi-Fi code. They also have the option to discover local services that might enhance their experience, which are available in a host of native languages.

Up-Sell by Wishbox allows guests to instantly purchase extra amenities. This means that they can control everything, from then services offered to the prices the property is rented at, and this allows property managers to boost their income.

When checking out, guests will automatically receive customised check-out instructions as well as a prompt to review their stay.

Wishbox co-founder Jeremy Atlan said: “The integration with Guesty is by far the most well-rounded integration we’ve done so far. All the data seamlessly syncs both ways, including the in-app chat and communications.”

Meanwhile, Guesty says that it is always exploring further partnerships that will help to simplify its clients’ management operations or enhance their guests’ stays. It believes Wishbox is an example of a partnership which will help the company to achieve this.

Guesty co-founder and CEO, Amiad Soto, said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering up with a solution that makes our clients’ lives easier, while also presenting them with ways to impress their guests and generate new revenue.”

Guesty’s goal to create an all-in-one platform for property managers is helping to drive the growth of its Integrations Marketplace, according to Soto, where users can find a collection of third-party resources that complement the firm’s services.