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HomeToGo reports 341 per cent increase for five-night stays in England

UK: Vacation rental search engine HomeToGo has revealed that interest for five-night vacation rentals went up by 341 per cent following England’s Christmas quarantine announcement on 23 November.

The new regulation allows travellers in England to leave isolation should they test negative after a five-day quarantine.

Based on internal search and booking data, HomeToGo discovered that Cornwall, Devon and Cumbria are some of the most popular counties where travellers entering England are choosing to quarantine for five-night stays. While Greater London tops the list as the most popular Christmas destination, it has seen a near 50 per cent decrease in interest based on search volume compared to this time last year.

This follows a trend as travellers are showing more desire to visit rural destinations and less so for urban cities.

Caroline Burns, head of PR and travel expert at HomeToGo, said: “It’s been a very tough year for families who may have had to put their holiday travel plans and traditions on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve observed a clear pattern of travellers choosing vacation rentals this Christmas season in England as they look for comfortable and flexible solutions to safely isolate and quarantine before spending time with loved ones.”

Key findings include:

  • Top searched destinations in England for the Christmas period: Greater London, Cornwall, Devon, Cumbria and Norfolk top the list of locations people are looking to stay for the Christmas quarantine period.

  • Change in Christmas travel behaviour following the new five-day quarantine announcement: HomeToGo has seen a 27 per cent increase in overall searches for a home over the Christmas period. Additionally, there was a 341 per cent increase searches week-over-week for five-night stays during the week of the announcement on easing quarantine restrictions.

  • Where travellers are coming from: 83 per cent of people searching on HomeToGo.co.uk for holiday homes in England appear to be coming from the United Kingdom. Of those searches, 94 per cent are coming from travellers in England, followed by Scotland [2.7 per cent], Wales [1.6 per cent], and Northern Ireland [1.1 per cent].

  • Most requested amenities for quarantine stays: Travellers visiting England this Christmas are planning to bring their pets. One-third of the searches with amenity filters on HomeToGo were for pet-friendly rentals [33 per cent]. Holiday rentals with pool [14 per cent] and WiFi [12.4 per cent] are the next most popular filters used by travellers visiting England over the Christmas period.

The full report can be found at this link.

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