Hospitable has launched its Hospitable Conference 2024

Hospitable Conference 2024 to elevate Book Direct revolution

US: Vacation rental software provider Hospitable has launched the Hospitable Conference 2024 to boost the Book Direct movement in vacation rentals.

Scheduled for 10-11 April 2024, the virtual gathering, titled ‘Tools & Strategies for Growing Your Vacation Rental Business‘, is poised to become a milestone event for self-managers and hosts looking to build a robust direct booking strategy. Powered by vacation rental software platform Hospitable, the conference will equip participants with actionable strategies to enhance direct bookings, with topics ranging from email marketing and revenue management to leveraging community engagement to enhance direct booking efforts.

In a landscape increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence [AI] and technological advancements, Hospitable Conference also places a special emphasis on these critical areas. The event aims to educate hosts on leveraging AI technologies to outpace online travel agencies [OTAs] and increase direct bookings – a trend strongly advocated by Hospitable founder and CEO, Pierre-Camille Hamana, who notes its growing popularity among self-managers.

The event boasts an impressive roster of speakers, including industry innovators such as Mark Simpson of direct booking website and training agency, Boostly, Arthur Colker of wifi and guest marketing platform, StayFi, John An of revenue management solution TechTape, and Andrew Boldt from STR risk management platform Superhog. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on maximising direct bookings, driving growth, and navigating the competitive vacation rental market.

Hamana said: “With rising OTA commission fees squeezing vacation rental hosts, Hospitable Conference 2024 is our response. We’re seeing a significant shift as self-managers increasingly embrace the Book Direct approach, unwilling to forfeit a substantial portion of their earnings to third parties.

“Hospitable Conference is our commitment to empowering hosts to reclaim their business. The conference is about embracing technology, specifically AI, to create tailored strategies that drive direct bookings and facilitate sustainable business growth.

“The goal is to provide the tools and knowledge to not just compete but excel in the evolving vacation rental landscape,” he added.

Register for Hospitable Conference 2024 for free here.

Founded in 2016, Hospitable is a vacation rental software provider that is designed to offer a suite of tools that empower hosts to automate the most time-consuming elements of hosting.

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