E-commerce platform Inhaven has launched [Credit: Inhaven]

E-commerce platform Inhaven launches for hosts and managers

US: One-stop e-commerce platform Inhaven has launched to empower vacation rental hosts and managers to create unforgettable guest experiences, work effectively and get the maximum value out of their properties.

Using Inhaven, verified hosts and managers can shop for a broad selection of high-quality, durable products from recognised brands at industry-insider prices, in order to furnish, equip and curate their homes for guests’ needs.

Furthermore, the platform is built to optimise the hosting experience, resulting in an enhanced guest stay and improved certainty of quality for the vacation rental industry.

The homeware retailer offers furnishing, equipment and accessories for any room in the home, ranging from towels to bed linens and branded toiletries, while hosts and managers can also buy products for the exterior, patio and garden space using product categories displayed on the Inhaven platform.

Inhaven was the brainchild of Ashley Ching, a merchandising executive with more than 15 years of experience, who tired of finding little consistency in vacation stays when travelling across the United States with her young family.

Ching said: “A well equipped kitchen and home comforts are musts for a family with four small children, and I found the uncertainty of not knowing what I would walk into, precisely the motivation I needed to bring the vision and concept of Inhaven to life.

“One of the biggest challenges hosts face is furnishing and replenishing their properties with quality, affordable products. As an experienced online merchant in the home furnishing industry, this peaked my interest.

“I believed there had to be a better way to simplify the shopping experience for hosts and to provide better experiences for guests. And thus, Inhaven was born to help both hosts and guests live a beautiful vacation experience,” she added.

To maintain a high level of guest satisfaction and generate improved guest reviews, Inhaven offers a preferential pricing model that allows hosts and managers to buy products off their vacation rental shopping lists at business prices, thereby eliminating elevated or exorbitant costs.

If any purchases exceed their budgets, Inhaven provides the option to “buy now, pay later” using fintechs such as Klarna and PayPal Credit, including paying for purchases in monthly instalments that come out of future rental income.

The startup is also aiming to simplify the process of setting up a vacation rental from square one by designing a shop-by-checklist feature.

Checklists are broken down by price point and room type to give hosts added flexibility, while product bundles enable them to upgrade specific rooms in their portfolio.

Each order and referral earns points that apply to subsequent orders as part of Inhaven’s Insider loyalty programme.

Another differentiator that Ching hopes will set Inhaven apart from competitors is the Trusted Stays program.

Through Trusted Stays, hosts furnishing a room or a full property with Inhaven can earn badges that guests look for when booking travel. As a result, guests can book with added assurance that their property will be fully equipped for their stay, while hosts can charge higher daily rates and earn a higher percentage of direct and repeat bookings.

Ching said: “Guests want the unique experience of a vacation rental, but they also need to know that the quality will be high.”

More and more companies in the short-term rental space are basing their business models on e-/ digital commerce opportunities and subsequently securing significant investments, including The Host Co., Glimpse, Showplace and Minoan, as hosts seek additional revenue streams following the travel slowdown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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