InsuraGuest partners with Guesty to extend insurance coverage

US: Insurtech firm InsuraGuest Technologies has announced that it has entered into a signed vendor agreement with property management software company Guesty.

Guesty provides an end-to-end solution platform for property managers and management companies to simplify and automate operational needs for short-term rentals.

Under the vendor agreement, InsuraGuest will integrate with Guesty property management software through the company’s proprietary API.

Douglas Anderson, CEO and chairman of InsuraGuest Technologies, said: “Upon completion of our API integration, InsuraGuest will be available to Guesty’s tens of thousands of clients with a product that not only protects their properties but also responds to claims made by their guests.”

The integration will allow Guesty’s users to transfer certain liabilities to InsuraGuest’s Hospitality Liability Policy. As a result, short-term rental properties will aim to lower claim ratios and their risk profile, which may lead to a decrease in general liability or homeowner’s insurance premiums.

InsuraGuest hospitality liability coverages provide an additional layer of protection that prevents the need for general liability claims if an InsuraGuest covered claim occurs. The company responds to the claims of guests on a primary basis, covering accidental in-room property damage, theft, accidental death and dismemberment, and accidental medical expenses.

InsuraGuest will seek to provide Guesty’s clients with competitive pricing, reduced risk, the potential for lower liability insurance costs, quick claim compensation turnaround, and improved guest experiences to reduce traveller concerns. The short-term rental entity extends coverage to every guest at the moment they check in to their property.

Alon Eitan, Guesty’s director of strategy and business development, said: “We are excited to begin our relationship with InsuraGuest. Providing our customers with access to vendors like InsuraGuest helps protect their properties and provide peace of mind.”