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Key Data and Hospitable announce strategic partnership

US: Hospitable, a vacation rental management platform dedicated to self-managers, has announced a strategic partnership with global short-term rental data specialist Key Data.

The partnership is designed to equip thousands of independent vacation rental owners with the tools necessary to professionalise their businesses and compete more effectively.

Self-managers, who handle rental operations independently and without a third-party property manager, often face challenges in accessing the same calibre of data and operational insights as larger companies. The partnership aims to close that gap by allowing self-managers to seamlessly sync their reservation data into Key Data’s sophisticated business intelligence tools.

Through a dynamic and intuitive dashboard, Hospitable users can monitor and analyse their performance metrics including rates, occupancy, length of stay, booking windows, and marketing channel effectiveness. Key Data not only offers insights into unit performance but also provides data on feeder markets, empowering managers to make informed strategic marketing decisions.

Self-managers can also now conduct comprehensive benchmark analyses against their competitors, view overarching OTA supply, and construct competitor datasets. This suite of tools is developed to foster a deeper understanding of the local market and drive more informed decision making.

Pierre-Camille Hamana, founder and CEO of Hospitable, said: “Despite making up the majority of the market, self-managers with one or two properties continue to miss out on the tools needed to professionalise further because they simply don’t have the resources to compete with more established property managers.

“Our partnership with Key Data aims to democratise access to critical market data for independent owners. Now independent owners can access the same powerful data-driven tools used by larger operators, allowing them to compete effectively and achieve long-term success,” he added.

Greg Richards, CMO at Key Data, said: “Data is a critical part of any successful business, and self-managed vacation rentals are no exception. Our goal is to make data accessible and useful for property managers and hosts of all sizes, helping them to make great business decisions and thrive in a competitive market.

“By putting industry-leading business intelligence tools directly in the hands of self-managed hosts, this partnership empowers them to make informed decisions, optimise their operations, and compete effectively,” he added.

Hosts can also join Hospitable and Key Data’s first joint exclusive webinar on Market Pulse: A Snapshot of the Short-Term Rental Market on 27 June to learn more about the integration.

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