Aleš Špetič, co-founder and CEO at Klevio

Klevio announces partnership with Hostmaker

UK: Klevio, a manufacture of smart intercom systems, has announced a partnership with home rental service provider Hostmaker.

Hosts will be offered an exclusive rate to install Klevio, so guests can gain access to the property via an app on their phone.

Rather than replacing your lock and keys, Klevio One connects to an existing intercom system inside a home and is operated via an iOS or Android app. Klevio can be fitted in any home with no need to change existing locks. It works with multiple doors and there’s no need to modify the communal area of apartment buildings when installing it since the device is located within the flat. The app connects to the device, allowing users to open their private and communal doors from anywhere with a swipe and press of a button.

For guests heading to a Hostmaker home where Klevio is installed, they will be able to accept a digital key which can be restricted by time and location – to access the property on arrival and throughout their stay.

Aleš Špetič, co-founder and CEO at Klevio, said: “For companies like Hostmaker, Klevio offers a fantastic solution to two common problems – greeting visitors and key management. A lot of time and money goes into having a person available at the property to meet guests and handover keys, and into getting keys to anyone who may service the space, like a cleaner. Klevio removes the hassle and provides the company with a log showing when people have accessed the property, and keys can be revoked at any time. So when delays happen or plans change, there’s a new option to ensure guests gain access easily, without the use of a lockbox. We’re delighted to be partnering with an industry leader like Hostmaker, and excited to see Klevio One installed in many of their host properties.”

Špetič continued: “Technology is changing our habits in many ways: from how we relate to one another to how we live our daily lives. Even the money we use is electronic, so why aren’t keys the same?”

Veronica Rivas, head of guest services at Hostmaker, added: “Klevio was a no brainer for us. We’ve been eager to work with the team and make the technology available to our hosts for a long time. Having Klevio installed as standard for all our future host properties will make a marked difference to us as a company and to our guests. We were one of the first to spot the opportunity to make home-sharing hassle-free for Hosts and Guests and believe we’re doing so again when it comes to improving our services. We want to provide added reliability to our guests. Sometimes travel disruption can cause problems outside of everyone’s control, and we want to be able to give access to our guests remotely, as well as in person, to ensure a great quality of service, security benefits and easy of control and tracking for our overseas property owners.”

Hostmaker works with more than 2000 host properties across London, Cannes, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Florence, Rome, Lisbon and Bangkok.

Since launch last May, Klevio has made partnerships with property management firms including, Stay Keepers, Perch, Club Living, and Urang Group.

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