Leavetown has unveiled the results of its recent survey

Leavetown survey reasserts remote working optimism

US: Short-term rental booking platform Leavetown has released findings from its survey of customers around how the new remote work environment has inspired travel aspirations and empowered people to seize increased opportunities to travel.

Data from Leavetown’s customers from across the globe has revealed high levels of optimism about working remotely, even post-pandemic, and the possibilities it will present for living and working nomadically.

  • The majority of respondents [81 per cent] think they will continue to work remotely post-pandemic at least part of the time – with 45 per cent agreeing that they will continue to work remotely most of the time – highlighting the fact that the trend for remote working is here to stay.

  • 65 per cent of Leavetown’s travellers surveyed are feeling more optimistic about working remotely compared to pre-pandemic life – suggesting they are embracing the digitalisation of the workplace and the benefits that working remotely affords.

  • Half of all respondents [51 per cent] said that they anticipate being able to enjoy more time traveling over the next 12 months because of the ability to work remotely – pointing to travel intent and excitement.

  • The vast majority [90 per cent] plan to take trips over the next 12 months combining work and vacation – with almost a third [33 per cent] planning at least four work / vacation trips over the next year – evidence of the continued trend to live and work as a digital nomad.

Introducing the era of the nomadic work traveller

Over the last year, many people have seen their work environment change dramatically. Tech adoption has accelerated and many are now realising that not only is it possible to work effectively and efficiently remotely, but that this new flexible working environment brings many benefits, particularly in terms of work / life balance.

This has fuelled aspirations for living and working as a digital nomad.

Leavetown CEO Mike Liverton explained why so many people are choosing to live as a digital nomad: “Events of the past year have accelerated a lifestyle ambition that might otherwise have been a decade in the making. We know people love to travel.

“With remote working now an accepted way of working, there’s nothing to stop travellers combining work with travel. The tech is there to support them, in terms of both the work IT needs, but also the accommodation booking platforms,” he added.

Leading by example, the team at Leavetown is 100 per cent remote working.

Liverton continued: “We firmly believe in the nomadic work lifestyle. At Leavetown, we live and work as global digital nomads – in just the same way as many of our customers do.

“This gives us a true understanding of their wants and needs, meaning we can offer the best accommodation options,” he added.

The survey was conducted by Leavetown in April and May 2021.

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