Lighthouse CEO Sean Fitzpatrick [Credit: Lighthouse]

OTA Insight rebrands as Lighthouse

US: OTA Insight, a cloud-based market intelligence platform for the travel and hospitality industries, has rebranded to Lighthouse.

The rebrand will consolidate multiple products and acquired companies into a single, unified commercial platform. The shift marks a significant milestone in the company’s continued evolution as a unified platform that fundamentally reimagines commercial strategy for the travel and hospitality industry.

The name Lighthouse was chosen to symbolise the company’s role in illuminating insights, transforming confusion into clarity, and enabling confident decision making.

OTA Insight acquired Madrid-based vacation rental market intelligence company Transparent in March 2022, and a year later, the company launched commercial tool Rate Insight+, which combines short-term rental and hotel data into one platform.

Lighthouse CEO Sean Fitzpatrick said: “Our capabilities and vision have outgrown the OTA Insight name. As Lighthouse, we bring the most accurate, real-time data from multiple sources into a single platform, process that data using the latest AI and machine learning techniques, and complement it with amazing customer service.

“We listen to our customers and continuously innovate to deliver straightforward, intuitive tools that save time, boost revenue, and remain user-friendly,” he added.

The enhanced Lighthouse platform will introduce new business intelligence capabilities, new short-term rental insights, and a new look and feel to enhance the user experience for commercial decision makers. Data from strategic acquisitions, including Transparent and Kriya RevGen, is now being seamlessly integrated into the Lighthouse platform.

Core Lighthouse products and capabilities include:

● Rate insight: Rate shopping and competitive price intelligence for both hotels and short-term rentals

● Market insight: Forward looking market demand monitoring to improve forecasting, room price setting, and marketing strategies

● Benchmark insight: Performance benchmarking with market, category, and competitor intelligence

● Parity insight: Performance management tools to measure room price parity across a multitude of distribution channels

● Business intelligence [BI]: BI solutions for single-property, multi-property and multi-brand portfolio revenue managers

● Pricing assistant: AI-powered room price recommendations with automated workflows

● Distribution insight: API monitoring and analytics to measure and optimise distribution performance

● Destination insight: Supply and demand analytics for DMOs, hotels and short-term rentals

● Hotel data solutions: Tool sets to access “the largest and most accurate hotel and short-term rental data set in the industry”

Fitzpatrick continued: “Our brand promise has always been to listen to our customers, continually innovate based on the latest technologies, and deliver the best customer service in the industry. We have a new name, and new capabilities, but our core values remain the same.

“Lighthouse reflects not only who we are today, but where we are headed in the future,” he added.

​Lighthouse currently serves hoteliers across 185 countries, while the company’s platform is built on data sets covering over 725,000 hotels and 19 million short-term rental properties globally. It claims to be the only solution that provides real-time hotel and short-term rental data in a single platform.

In conjunction with the brand update, Lighthouse has also launched a new official company website.

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