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Lodgify launches GPT-powered AI Assistant

Spain / US: Vacation rental software platform Lodgify has announced the release of its AI Assistant, a GPT-powered messaging tool that generates responses to guest questions based on information available in their Lodgify account and reservation data.

The feature, which was released in beta over the last few months, is now available to all Lodgify customers around the world.

Lodgify’s AI Assistant, which is located inside the hosts’ unified inbox, is designed to enhance communications with guests by providing an intuitive way to address their enquiries and needs more efficiently. With the tap of a button, AI Assistant reviews the latest message sent from a guest, then drafts a personalised, contextually relevant response drawing upon information from the Lodgify hosts’ database – including property listing data, booking data from the previous and upcoming 30 days, operational placeholders [policies, directions, contacts], and more.

Hosts are able to review or edit the AI-generated response before sending it to the guest to ensure that every interaction feels tailored and informed.

Responses that the AI Assistant can generate in seconds include:

  • Confirm reservation details, arrival / departure date, payment received / due
  • Provide directions, check-in instructions, wifi details, parking or public transportation options, sleeping arrangements
  • Answer questions related to policies and amenities offered
  • Offer local recommendations for activities or establishments nearby
  • Acknowledge user-specific requests, complaints and feedback

Dennis Klett, co-founder and CEO of Lodgify, said: “We know that fast, reliable, and personalised communication is a core part of a positive guest experience, and we’re excited to harness the power of AI to facilitate that. Our AI Assistant aims to streamline the process so hosts can save significant time while elevating their guest relationships.

“We look forward to iterating on this feature over the next few months,” he added.

Lodgify says that it is currently working on extending its AI Assistant’s capabilities, anticipating the needs of its global customer base who currently represent properties from over 100 countries. An upcoming release includes offering translation of the AI-generated responses via Google Translate so hosts may communicate in the guests’ native language or other languages as needed.

Founded in 2012, Lodgify’s all-in-one software simplifies the process of running and marketing a vacation rental by enabling anyone to create a bookable website, synchronise property data and availability across third-party platforms and OTAs, and manage all guest reservations and communications in one place. 

The company also recently announced its integration with Google, enabling hosts to automatically showcase their rentals and availabilities on Google Maps and Search, and amplify their visibility towards high-intent travellers without any additional costs or commissions.

Last November, Lodgify secured $30 million in Series B funding, with the funding designated to accelerating the company’s global expansion, boosting its product growth and expanding its customer support.

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