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Machine learning platform bags investment and targets property managers

US: Jarvis ML, a machine learning platform founded in 2021, has raised $16 million in seed funding led by Dell Technologies Capital, the global venture capital investment arm of Dell Technologies.

Shakti and more than a dozen “veteran Silicon Valley technologists and business leaders” are also participating in the round, according to the company, which will use the funding to grow its hospitality division, as well as its research and development, sales and marketing teams.

Rakesh Yadav, who led the machine learning operations platform development for Google Ads and Google Payments, founded Jarvis ML “to make machine learning capabilities easy to access and deploy for any business that has data that can be better utilised”.

The company is specifically targeting the short-term rentals. Evan Dolgow, head of predictive hospitality at Jarvis ML, says the benefits of machine learning should not be limited to large companies such as Airbnb, and Expedia.

“Data chaos is preventing property managers from scaling. They have tons of data that is dispersed across multiple systems, such as CRM, PMS, marketing clouds and smart devices – and don’t know how to harness it. They don’t realise how much gold exists in the data they already have,” he said. “Within a few days, Jarvis ML interconnects all the databases and begins personalising booking journeys to every single guest on websites and in marketing communications.”

Daniel Docter, manager director of Dell Technologies Capital, said: “Fundamentally, every business, no matter what stage or sector, will need to be data-driven to succeed. Rakesh has an insatiable appetite to help companies solve this need. What he and his team at Jarvis ML have accomplished in less than a year is impressive but comes as no surprise. When it comes to applying world class machine learning to solving business problems, Rakesh practically wrote the book.”

Docter will join Jarvis ML’s board of directors.

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