Matt Landau's latest podcast series is seeking out 'Tiny Architects' [Credit: Matt Landau / Unlocked]

Matt Landau’s latest podcast series seeks out ‘Tiny Architects’

US: Short-term rental advocate and founder of VRMB.com, Matt Landau, has added a new audio podcast series to his growing assortment of original content championing the emerging short-term rental movement. 

Season Four of Landauʼs Unlocked Podcast — now live across all platforms — is being branded ‘The Tiny Architects Edition,ʼ to celebrate innovation in the short-term rental market. 

In an email, Landau said: “A myriad of tiny architectsʼ is what my idol Charles Darwin called the collection of organisms inhabiting the coral reef off the coast of Sumatra.

“In his journal Darwin explained these ‘tiny architectsʼ made the reef the most innovative place on the planet, and I woke up one morning realising this describes vacation rental owners and managers too. Our myriad of tiny architects makes us one of the most innovative movements of our time,” he added. 

In a moment when big brands and venture capital seem to be earning unprecedented attention, Landauʼs series aims to mark an important return-to-centre for the short-term rental narrative. 

Wanting to mix things up even further, Landauʼs interviews this season go beyond the walls of the recording studio and out into the field. From Savannah, Georgia, to Ocean City Maryland, to the shores of Lake Como, Italy, the series traverses the world to track down a multitude of ‘tiny architectsʼ in their element.

“These architects werenʼt innovating on Skype or on the telephone — they were doing it in laundry facilities, during check-ins, in conference elevators. We committed to documenting their work in the very place that it was happening. 

“That meant travelling the world with microphones to track them down,” he added.

In each episode, Landau does not only interview architects building their own mini-empire of success. Sean Miller, president of the podcast sponsor, PointCentral, can also be heard in the middle of each episode commandeering the microphone and turning the tables on Landau in the form of a surprise reverse-interview.  

In each episode, Miller can be heard saying: “I beat Matt in a game of one-on-one basketball and so I got to ask him all the questions for once. Weʼre saving the full Matt interview for the end of the season, but instead of a normal commercial for PointCentral, each intermission includes a great question and answer from Matt himself. 

“His answers will surprise you,” he added. 

The first episodes featuring Sarah Bradford of Winter Park Lodging, Jennifer Frankenstein-Harris of Great Ocean Condos, and Amy Hinote of VRM Intel, are now live on all podcast platforms under Unlocked by Matt Landau. One new episode will be released each Wednesday. 

Matt Landau speaking to Jennifer Frankenstein-Harris [Credit: Matt Landau]
Sarah Bradford was one of the first people to be interviewed for Season Four of the Unlocked podcast [Credit: Matt Landau]
Amy Hinote of VRM Intel was also interviewed for the ‘Tiny Architects’ edition [Credit: Matt Landau]
Some additional guests in Unlockedʼs ‘Tiny Architectsʼ edition will include game-changing property managers like Jodi Refosco (Taylor-Made Vacation Rentals), Corey Jones (Lucky Savannah) and Carole Lynn Sharoff (Atlantic Vacation Homes). Tech visionaries like Scott Shatford (Airdna), Tammi Simms (Properly) and Pierre Becerril (Transparent) will also be featured, as well as several up-and-coming rockstars the rental community may not have heard of just yet.

Corey Jones of Lucky Savannah will feature on a future episode of the podcast [Credit: Matt Landau]
The first three podcasts of the ‘Tiny Architects’ edition [Season Four] of the Unlocked by Matt Landau podcast series are also available to download here.

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