Maui’s vacation rental occupancy at 69.6 per cent throughout March

Hawaii: Maui had the largest vacation rental supply of all four counties in March at over 287,000 units, with unit demand of 200,000 unit nights.

The data was compiled by the Hawai’i Tourism Authority in its Hawaii Vacation Rental Performance Report. 

Vacation rental supply on O’ahu was 246,100 unit nights in March, with demand of 143,100 unit nights. Its occupancy therefore dropped by 18.2 percentage points to an average 58.2 per cent.

The island of Hawai’i had 203,000 available unit nights in March, with a demand of 133,800 unit nights. Occupancy declined by 7.5 percentage points to 65.9 per cent.

Kaua’i had the fewest available unit nights in March at 135,300 units. Demand was at 80,600 units resulting in 58.6 per cent occupancy, a decline of 23.6 percentage points.

The total monthly supply of statewide vacation rentals was 871,500 unit nights and a demand of 557,400 nights. The average monthly unit occupancy was 64 per cent.

In comparison, Hawaii hotels were operating at 44.5 per cent occupancy in March. The ADR was $280, higher than the ADR for vacation rental units at $239.

Data presented in the report, along with further vacation rental performance statistics, are available on the Hawai’i Tourism Authority website here.