Florida beaches, one of VTrips' primary markets

NextPax and VTrips partnership bears major fruit

US: Channel manager NextPax and vacation rental property management company VTrips announced a 600 per cent growth in booking rates through the platform since their partnership began in 2018.

This is also matched by a 35 per cent growth in content scores of VTrips properties.

Formerly known as Vacation Rental Pros, before rebranding in 2018, VTrips manages around 2,000 rental properties in traditional resort destinations.

VTrips CEO Steve Milo said: “With the outstanding ROI we’ve seen since engaging with NextPax in 2018, we decided to start using the platform for Airbnb in 2019.”

The VTrips model fuses the value-added services of traditional management companies with the ease of online distribution platforms, using this in combination with marketing expertise to facilitate their expansion over the past year. NextPax’s automated solutions have allowed the company to thrive not only on major distribution channels, like and Airbnb, but also on smaller-scale, lesser known platforms.

By using data from HomeAway’s link ISI as well as integrating with their HSAPI connection, NextPax succeeded in providing higher quality imagery, fuller content, and improved functionality for VTrips listings on Its development team was also able to help make custom changes in technology to better suit the unique payment and policy needs of the VTrips model.

“Our goal has always been to give property owners complete control of their businesses,” said CEO and founder, Erik Engel. “It is their brand and content that is front and centre.”

In September, NextPax launched a service with Google to directly market properties through the Google Hotels service, rather than redirecting through a third party or iFrame. With an accolade filled 2019, including winning the Best Emerging Technology award at the American Travel Group Awards, NextPax heads into the new year with a strong track record, as well as with strong communications agent PuzzlePartner.

For more information, visit the NextPax website here and the VTrips website here.

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