NoiseAware co-founder, David Krauss, and CEO and co-founder, Andrew Schulz [Source: NoiseAware]

NoiseAware announces its outdoor-enabled Gen 3 model

Worldwide: NoiseAware, a noise-monitoring company for rental properties, has announced the Gen 3 as its latest product innovation.

The new line consists of indoor and outdoor sensors, as well as an expanded feature offering to provide full-property noise monitoring.

Gen 3 is a monitoring system with a plug-and-play sensor and an app as its two main components while the hardware is placed in key activity zones where people naturally gather to monitor noise levels.

This approach to property management will protect both guests and owners as NoiseAware monitors decibel levels in rental properties without recording anything.

NoiseAware CEO and co-founder with David Krauss, Andrew Schulz, said: “NoiseAware is often asked to help create sustainable neighbourhoods that can coexist with short-term rentals. However, many property owners struggled with effectively monitoring their tenants’ outdoor noise levels.

“We listened and have advanced our technology. Keeping privacy top-of-mind, Gen 3 monitors noise throughout an entire property, which in turn, brings peace of mind to neighbours and neighbourhoods everywhere,” he added.

Gen 3 discreetly monitors decibel levels to identify when noise becomes disruptive for more than five minutes. Once elevated noise levels are detected, an alert is sent to the homeowner through NoiseAware’s mobile and web-based application, allowing time for early intervention.

The new wireless and weatherproof outdoor sensor allows property managers to monitor other key areas around their rental, such as pools and patios, where noise can become an issue. By introducing their latest revolutionary product, NoiseAware has partnered up with Vacasa, North America’s largest property management company.

CEO and founder of Vacasa, Eric Breon, said: “In many vacation destinations, noise is a big concern for the local community. NoiseAware’s Gen 3 model is a perfect solution to help monitor interior and exterior noise levels at vacation rentals to ensure a positive experience for the local community, guests and homeowners.”

Gen 3 can now be pre-ordered and it will be available in November 2018 via NoiseAware’s website at

ShortTermRentalz has since contacted NoiseAware CEO and co-founder, Andrew Schulz, to tell us more about the Gen 3.

  • What was NoiseAware’s inspiration for creating a noise monitoring system like this?

“Noise issues at short term rentals, though rare, are inevitable. Our customers want to protect their guests, their neighbours and their communities from the negative consequences of noise complaints. To do so, they needed protection both inside and outside a property.”

“We were inspired by vacation rental managers with their passion for this growing sector of the hospitality industry. To them it’s about protecting more than just the home but their reputation, the industry, and the community. With our Gen 3 technology, we are able to give our customers the complete property coverage they’ve asked for and along with it, peace of mind.”

  • How can Gen 3 be installed in these properties?

“NoiseAware is one of the easiest smart home technologies to install. Using our mobile app, the indoor sensor is plugged into a wall outlet in areas where guest congregate. Similar to other smart home devices, using Bluetooth and the wifi within the home the indoor sensor can be easily connected and will begin monitoring noise levels indoors. This sensor can also be secured to the faceplate with a screw to avoid it being unplugged or tampered with.”

“The outdoor sensor is battery-powered, and once batteries are installed, it will detect and connect to the indoor sensor. That’s all it takes to get it online and ready to monitor outdoors. It has many mounting options to make it versatile outdoors and for any property size or type.”

  • Has NoiseAware found other products like this in the market and if so, how will this differ from those?

“When we first started in 2015, there wasn’t a product on the market that could detect loudness without violating privacy. That is why we created the world’s first privacy-safe noise monitoring system. There are competitors entering in Europe and the US that are building or have built similar noise detecting devices however, with Gen 3 we have combined new features and have the first-of-its-kind outdoor durable noise monitoring sensor.”

  • Is NoiseAware looking to target a specific demographic homeowner with Gen 3?

“NoiseAware works for all short-term rental owners, hosts and managers. We are designed for portfolios from 1-10,000 so there are no real limitations on the customer side. We primarily focus on larger managers since their need for our service is the greatest – it’s hard to manage a large portfolio without relying heavily on technology.”

“We look forward to partnering with vacation rental owners and managers looking to advance their management with operationally efficient technology as well as those looking to sustain the peace in their communities.”

  • What do you hope to get out of NoiseAware’s partnership with Vacasa?

“NoiseAware is excited to partner with the largest property management company in North America and we look forward to helping them with their successful growth and offering something to help their owners, homes and neighbourhoods across the US.

  • What do you see for the future of Gen 3 and how it will evolve?

“We will continue to adapt Gen 3 to the needs of our customers. Additional software integrations and useful features to promote operational efficiency are already being worked on!”

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