Outdoorsy has launched a $30m Oasis Fund with its investors and banking partners [Credit: Outdoorsy]

Outdoorsy launches $30m Oasis Fund with investors and partners

US: Outdoor travel marketplace Outdoorsy has announced the launch of the Oasis Fund – a $30 million initiative dedicated exclusively to providing funding for the purchase of safari glamping tents for eligible entrepreneurs.

With a $30 million investment to start, the Oasis Fund will empower individuals to start their own turnkey glamping businesses by simplifying the purchasing process. Outdoorsy has partnered with a world leader in canvas safari tent design to handcraft the tents which can be found in the premier glamping resorts and campgrounds around the world, including Outdoorsy’s destination in Bayfield, Colorado.

How the Oasis Fund works:

The Oasis Fund is designed to empower listers, hosts and entrepreneurs to embark on their next adventure without limits:

  • Financial support: The Oasis Fund has set aside $30 million to provide financial support for safari glamping tent purchases. Open to individuals seeking a private getaway or a campground owner looking to enhance their guests’ experience, we’re here to back them up.
  • Easy application process: Applying for the Oasis Fund is described as “straightforward and hassle-free”. The Outdoorsy concierge team sets out to make the process smooth and efficient, ensuring hosts can focus on setting up their dream glamping business.
  • Accelerate your dreams: The Oasis Fund aims to accelerate the journey to the great outdoors, allowing owners to list their glamping tents with reduced fees on Outdoorsy Stays, ahead of its nationwide launch by next summer.

Joining the fastest growing outdoor travel category

According to Kampground of America’s [KOA] 2023 North American Camping & Outdoor Hospitality Report, interest in more experiential, less traditional ways of getting outdoors is on the rise. The global glamping category is expected to be worth $6 billion by 2030 and, according to KOA, interest in glamping more than doubled between 2021 and 2022, with 12.3 million households saying that they would choose cabins or glamping as their primary camping accommodation style.

Approximately 10.5 million US households went glamping in 2022, with the average guests staying longer – booking three to five nights on average – and paying a higher nightly rate than traditional hotels.

Jeff Cavins, co-founder and CEO of Outdoorsy, said: “The higher nightly rate of glamping doesn’t seem to be a deterrent for guests seeking modern, comfort-first amenities that allow them to stay close to nature. The high demand, and high profit margins, of this industry aren’t fading anytime soon, which means there’s never been a better time to invest in the glamping market.

“When we purchased the Outdoorsy Bayfield property, we quickly saw something very familiar to us – and what initially led us to build Outdoorsy. Similar to the RV rental space, we noticed the glamping space was dealing with a handful of pain points in need of attention, innovation, and improvement.

“Over the years, our vision has expanded to include new ventures in the outdoor hospitality and accommodations space with Outdoorsy Stays and our campground destinations – Outdoorsy Bayfield and Outdoorsy Yosemite, so the timing is right to step in and do what a startup does best: improve a space in need of a helping hand,” he added.

The comfort of home in the outdoors

The glamping tents offer guests a “state-of-the-art” glamping accommodation complete with stylish modern furnishings, air conditioning and heating, and includes a king bed, kitchenette and a luxury bathroom. Each tent comes on a VIN-numbered towable chassis making them movable and reducing installation complexities.

The tents can connect to existing 50-amp RV full hook-ups, simplifying installation. Outdoorsy can offer to guide installation and offer construction services to make installation easy.

Cavins continued: “Through the Oasis Fund, our objective is to activate the glamping adventure and provide the means for both individuals and those aspiring to manage short-term rentals to take ownership of their own entrepreneurial endeavours. Our in-house financing and the extensive reach of the Outdoorsy platform will equip glamping entrepreneurs with the ability to establish, host, and promote a product that’s seeing no slowdown in demand.”

After launching its RV rental marketplace in 2015, Outdoorsy’s partnerships with hosts have since resulted in over seven million days of booked travel through RV rentals, which are available in 4,800 cities throughout the United States and Canada.

In June, the marketplace launched Outdoorsy Stays to diversify into offering curated outdoor accommodations, including cabins, A-Frames, tiny homes and yurts. It has now unveiled the first properties in its destination network – Outdoorsy Yosemite and Outdoorsy Bayfield – ahead of an anticipated nationwide launch of Stays by next summer.

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