Perfect Price integrates with TRACK

US: Perfect Price, which says it is “pioneering” AI-driven dynamic pricing and revenue management software, has announced a partnership with TRACK, powered by TravelNet Solutions, a property management software solution for short-term and vacation rental providers.

Through the partnership, the two companies aim to enable joint customers to effortlessly manage and price rental inventory, and to deliver the best end-to-end experience for management companies, owners, and guests.

The latest software integration, which is now available, delivers consistent value to property managers by dynamically pricing — and thus generating additional revenue from — properties within the TRACK software. The systems work together to apply industry-leading pricing AI to vast quantities of property data.

By continuously collecting property availability, rate, reservation, and other relevant information from TRACK, the Perfect Price dynamic pricing engine is able to update TRACK with data-driven pricing recommendations that are designed to maximise revenue. Perfect Price’s dynamic pricing technology works in the background to price properties each day with little or no intervention necessary.

Perfect Price founder and CEO, Alex Shartsis, said: “Property managers today face incredible hurdles manually interpreting historical and marketplace data to know how to accurately price their properties. With TRACK and Perfect Price, this time and resource-intensive work is done automatically.

“Our software dynamically adjusts rates based on a number of factors, such as vacancies, demand, seasonality and market competition. We also provide tools that track utilisation and revenue performance for every property on a monthly basis so that property managers can make informed decisions.

“We’re excited to offer joint customers the peace of mind knowing that every property will be booked at the exact price that will yield the most revenue at that moment,” added Shartsis.

TravelNet Solutions CEO Ryan Bailey said: “TRACK is always striving for new integrations that will create efficiency and value to help our clients achieve their goals. Our award-winning software, paired with Perfect Price’s next-generation dynamic pricing, will empower property managers and owners to create world-class guest experiences that drive long-term revenue growth.”

For more information, visit the Perfect Price website here.