PMI has introduced its Purify cleaning initiative [Credit: PMI]

PMI introduces Purify cleaning initiative

US: Property management franchise company Property Management Inc. [PMI] has introduced its PMI Purify cleaning initiative, a ten-step process to ensure room sanitation and cleanliness for guests.

Property Management Inc. [PMI] now has 300-plus franchise properties that span across the four pillars of rentals: residential, commercial, association, and short-term rentals. The new PMI Purify method will be used across all of PMI’s properties to demonstrate to guests that the company takes Covid-19 and its guests’ safety seriously.

Marianne Heder, short-term rental lead at PMI, said: “We launched PMI Purify because of Covid-19, of course. But this wasn’t just a quick fix.

“We took our time to create a system that educates our franchisees and best practices while certifying every step of the process. Airbnb has its standards, we make sure they meet that but we go beyond. Instead of a five-step programme suggested by Airbnb, we created a ten-step programme,” she added.

In order to spread the new protocols throughout the company, while also supporting its franchisees, PMI offered PMI Purify training to all of its franchisees and employees. The company also attempted to create a system that benefitted and complemented franchisees’ existing work.

Heder said: “Our vendors will provide the EPA-approved cleaning supplies to franchisees at a much lower cost than they can get on their own. It’s a benefit for franchisees and benefit for our guests because they’re going to use the right cleaning supplies.

“Not only do we get them the right supplies, but also the right training. Not just the franchisor or the franchisees, but every member of the housekeeping team is trained on our standardised process, which is detailed yet simple and easy to do,” she added.

The company also adopted new software that will allow both housekeepers and franchisees to ensure that tasks have been completed to sanitise the space. A ‘Follow the Wall’ method will be used to make sure that every space in the room has been cleaned.

PMI wants the cleanliness of the room to be visible to customers, even if they do not see the cleansing process take place. PMI plans to accomplish this in details throughout the room that indicate the space has been cleaned.

Heder continued: “Everything inside the property has PMI Purify branding, from a wrapped card with a QR code they can use to read about the process, to the plastic sleeve covering the remote control and a seal over the toilet that shows it’s been deeply cleaned. That gives them the confidence to rent with us.”

​Additionally, PMI Purify properties will now be indicated by a logo on short-term rental booking websites, like Airbnb and Vrbo. Links that further explain the cleaning process will also be included in the email signature of franchisees who follow the process.

Heder said: “Our guests and franchisees are kings in our franchise. That’s what matters. Why? Because we care. We really do. We’re in this together. Especially through Covid-19.

“We’re elevating the industry together because we care about our guests, our owners, making them feel safe and helping them relax and feel confident. Come stay and feel pristine like you’ve been cared for. That’s the goal of PMI,” she added.

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