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PointCentral announces integration with Guesty

Portland: Property automation solution provider PointCentral has announced it has integrated its smart home technology with short-term property management software Guesty.

The company, which delivers automation solutions for short-term vacation rental and long-term residential property managers, joins additional third-party solutions in Guesty’s integration marketplace. Each solution has the same objective of easing the complex operational needs of property managers.

The integration automates the assigning of access codes for PointCentral smart locks, meaning that guests and maintenance staff can go straight to the vacation rental without having to stop at a front desk to pick up a room key. Keyless entry thereby eliminates the key handover process, which ultimately saves time and increases safety for travellers.

PointCentral president Sean Miller said: “Integrating property automation technology with Guesty brings another level of control and operational efficiency to vacation rental managers. This integration lets property managers eliminate keys and send guests automatic notifications when properties are ready for occupancy – increasing guest satisfaction, improving operations and protecting assets.”

In the frequent event of guests modifying their reservation dates or showing up early, the dates and times for the lock on their unit are automatically adjusted and guests are automatically notified via text or email when their rental unit is ready for occupancy.

Guesty director of business development Michal Freier said: “Automation means time saved. For property managers using Guesty, integrations like this one with PointCentral are helping them save upwards of 50 hours per week.

“We are confident this integration will make their reservation and maintenance operations more efficient and ultimately help our customers add more stars to their guest reviews,” he added.

For more information about the smart home technology integration visit the PointCentral website here and the Guesty website here.

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