PointCentral has launched an HVAC service for rentals which uses 'intelligent analytics'

PointCentral launches HVAC intelligent analytics service for rentals

Worldwide: PointCentral has launched an HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) monitoring service that will use intelligent ‘machine learning’ analytics.

An industry leader in enterprise-scale property automation solutions for short and long-term vacation rental markets, PointCentral’s parent company, Alarm.com, developed the system to reduce maintenance costs and improve the lifespan of HVAC services in homes and apartments.

Data was collected from tens of thousands of units over a research period of several years to produce a system which relied on ‘intelligent’ analytics.

In creating this system, PointCentral has ensured that guests and residents will no longer have to wait for an HVAC unit to fail, which would only increase the costs for them to pay and cause them consternation for the inconvenience.
The intelligent analytics system works by automatically notifying property managers when an HVAC unit requires maintenance as it identifies when a unit can no longer keep up with the heating or cooling set point or is forced to run too long to get to the set point.

All of the data is displayed via graphics for the maintenance staff to identify what the problem is. This gives them the ability to perform maintenance, extend the life of the unit, and minimise any impact on guests or residents.

Sean Miller, president of PointCentral, said: Our HVAC intelligent analytics is a breakthrough in HVAC cost control for property managers.

“Imagine the challenge when you’re managing hundreds or thousands of properties, and the costs associated with the HVAC systems. Not only are we providing a way to mitigate those costs, we’re giving property managers a way to differentiate their business.

“In the short-term rental market, that means more owners and happier guests. In the long-term rental market, that means lower costs and happier residents and only PointCentral and our parent company, Alarm.com, offer this,” he added.

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