RedAwning sells Blizzard marketing unit to Beyond Pricing

US: Vacation rental property network RedAwning has sold Blizzard Internet Marketing, only two years after its initial acquisition.

Beyond Pricing has purchased the company for an undisclosed fee and will acquire all the assets, staff, contracts and ongoing business.

Blizzard specialises in web hosting, site design, and email marketing for short-term rental companies. The platform centres on SEO marketing strategies that can be delivered on a comprehensive, consultative and a-la-carte basis.

Beyond Pricing plans to integrate the new technology services into its own platform. The company raised $42.5 million in series A funding last September to develop its dynamic pricing tools centring on the short-term rental market.

RedAwning’s sale comes amidst a season of reinvigorated business, as short-term rentals begin reopening across the world. The platform has seen a recent surge in interest, driving its year-on-year booking rate to 42 per cent over 2019.

Tim Choate, RedAwning founder and CEO, said: “We regret the pain that all of our industry and guests have felt over the past couple of months, including thousands of RedAwning guests, but we are so delighted to see this return to vacation rental travel. There is no safer way to travel in these Covid-19 times than to get in your car and drive with your family to a private vacation home, and it’s clear travellers are anxious and ready to do just that.”

Following the collapse of bookings in March and April, the company is seeing a rise in bookings, primarily in drive-to destinations. These include beach, mountain and lake properties in popular vacation destinations, without key markets such as Hawaii fully reopening for business yet.

RedAwning has noted that guests are booking longer stays with shorter check-in windows to what they were pre-pandemic. The shift falls in line with Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky’s predictions as to the future of the industry.