Families are looking for more rural experiences [Credit: Airbnb]

Airbnb lists Fourth of July travel trends data

US: As the United States gets ready for the Fourth of July celebrations, Airbnb has released data highlighting the key travel trends ahead of the holiday across its platform.

The platform has revealed that guests are seeking properties and experiences that allow them to both enjoy themselves and to safely practice social distancing.

Airbnb underlined five key travel trends in particular: backyard trips, family travel, unique properties, rural bookings, and Gen Z travellers.

Since the beginning of April, 60 per cent of available bookings have been made for trips within 300 miles from the origin, with families hoping to travel as little as possible. Furthermore, over 20 per cent of these are for rural areas, like the Adirondacks.

Other trending search destinations include a variety of coastal, lake, and mountain locations, such as the Blue Ridge Mountains, Coastal New Hampshire, and The Berkshires. Airbnb itself has noted that urban rentals have taken a significant backseat to rural ones.

These bookings are spread out, with no one destination accounting for over three per cent of bookings. As the holiday comes along, families have been more interested in travelling together, as domestic family bookings grew by 43 per cent.

Disparate locations have created a rise in demand for unique offerings such as boutique hotels, chalets, cabins, islands and barns, all of which have seen nearly 50 per cent growth in search rates. This trend has been driven by Gen Z travellers, who are hoping to either find a sense of adventure or reconnect with loved ones or favourite destinations on the Fourth of July.

Guests have been seeking particular amenities, primarily properties with pools and pets allowed, as well as flawless wifi, full kitchens and air conditioning, to stay safe, connected and cool all at once.

Safety is another important factor, though, as Airbnb’s data shows that three out of four guests feel more comfortable in a rental over a hotel. These all fall within the company’s predictions for post-pandemic travel, as CEO Brian Chesky noted in a CNBC interview.

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