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Rent Responsibly launches private network for operators

US: Short-term rental advocacy organisation Rent Responsibly has announced the launch of its new Rent Responsibly Network Beta, a community platform bringing together short-term rental owners, hosts and managers, local and state STR associations, product and service providers, and other advocates.

The platform, nicknamed the RR Network, will provide virtual connectivity between operators and access to educational and business support resources.

David Krauss, co-founder and CEO of Rent Responsibly, said: “This is a game changer not only for individual hosts and managers to learn and network but also for supercharging alliance- and community-building efforts that are happening organically across the globe.”

Inside the RR Network, operators of any size will be able to connect with one another through discussion forums, private groups, and one-to-one messaging. They will also have the opportunity to access a centralised calendar of industry events and a robust library of guides, checklists, templates, research reports, and more.

Content covers a host of topics from marketing to advocacy to sustainability and investing responsibly. More features are set to be released in 2024.

Krauss continued: “From day one, we have dreamed of creating a singular virtual home for hosts. With the launch of the RR Network, we’ve created a welcoming, resource-rich place where the STR community is able to come together under one roof.”

Julie Marks, founder and executive director of the Vermont Short-Term Rental Alliance [VTSTRA], said: “It’s easy to feel alone in the vacation rental space, but being a part of the Rent Responsibly Network brings awareness to just how vast this community really is, and we all benefit when we pool resources toward a common cause.”

Additionally, short-term rental associations and alliances will be able to leverage the RR Network as their member management software. The platform enables groups to capture and manage membership dues as well as collect donations, sell event tickets, sell ad space, and more.

Associations using this software get a private space inside the network, through which they can offer their members exclusive access to alliance benefits, such as local regulatory updates and members-only events. VTSTRA and five other associations recently launched their groups inside the network.

Dana Lubner, director of community at Rent Responsibly, said: “I am especially excited about this element because it is something countless groups have asked of us over the years. It’s a suite of resources created for alliance leaders by alliance leaders, so it’s incredibly powerful to now have even more tools to enable alliances’ success and connect them to each other.”

Jonathan Wicks, interim president of Arizonans for Responsible Tourism [another association featured in the network], said: “Our vacation rental community continues to embrace productive collaboration and connectivity, and the RR Network provides one of our best tools yet.”

Individuals can join the RR Network for free at this linkAlliances interested in using the RR Network Community Management Software are invited to submit an enquiry here

Founded in 2019, Rent Responsibly’s mission is to empower short-term rental communities to collaborate and further responsible renting for the benefit of people, places, and planet.

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