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Rent Responsibly launches à la carte support services for alliances

US: Short-term rental advocacy organisation Rent Responsibly has announced the release of its new à la carte menu of support services for short-term rental alliances across the United States.

The company now offers individual service lines, including website development and email management, in a mix-and-match array. 

David Krauss, co-founder and CEO of Rent Responsibly, said: “Previously, we were able to offer an all-in-one suite of services to alliances, which is still available to any alliance who wants our most robust support. Now, alliances of any stage or scale can take advantage of our individual service lines in a way that flexes and grows with them.

“We are excited about the opportunities this opens for us to help more alliances than ever before,” he added.

Services include:

  • Website development and management
  • Email marketing and communications management
  • Virtual events management [along with some remote support of in-person events]
  • Campaign design
  • Brand identity design
  • Board and leadership development
  • Membership dues processing and digital member portal

Along with those services, Rent Responsibly provides complimentary access to its network of alliance leaders called STR Community Builders, a built-in suite of benefits for alliance members, and a library of resources. The organisation also continues to provide free consultation to alliances in an advocacy effort, a service supported by the company’s roster of partners: Expedia Group; Key Data Dashboard; Breezeway; NoiseAware; Proper Insurance; DTravel; Wheelhouse; and GovOS.

Rent Responsibly will be hosting a virtual open house for current and prospective alliance leaders on 16 August. The event will provide details and case studies on these services, as well as a Q&A session. 

Rent Responsibly developed its new offering with feedback from alliance leaders. Dana Lubner, director of community development at Rent Responsibly, said: “We meet with leaders from around the country every day, and all of them need some level of help. The fun challenge for us is that each group is a little different. Our new service mix allows us to meet these volunteer leaders where they are and fill their unique needs.”

Krauss said: “Our biggest and most important differentiator is that our tools and services were built by short-term rental alliance leaders for short-term rental alliance leaders.”

Krauss, Rent Responsibly’s other co-founder and COO, Alexa Nota, and the company’s first employee, Lubner, are all long-time advocates and alliance founders. The rest of the company’s nine-person team are also experts in the industry and related fields,

Krauss added: “We know the needs and challenges of our community better than any outside agency ever could.”

One of Rent Responsibly’s newest à la carte clients is the Oahu Short-Term Rental Alliance [OSTRA].

OSTRA board member John An said: “As OSTRA was considering how we would go about building a professional and functional website, working with Rent Responsibly was top on our list of options for two key reasons.

“First, Rent Responsibly has the broad experience working with alliances across the country, so we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Also, as alliance leaders, our goal is not to spend our limited advocacy energy on back-end administrative tasks like managing an RFP and build process for a website.

“Working with Rent Responsibly was the most time and cost effective way to move forward,” he added.

Jeff MacGurn, president of long-time client San Diego Short-Term Rental Alliance, said in a recent interview: “Working with Rent Responsibly has been a godsend for us. They have provided organisation, structure, tools, technology, and resources we otherwise would not have.

“We are one of the country’s largest dues-paying short-term rental alliances because Rent Responsibly has provided the base for that to happen,” he added.

Founded in 2019, Rent Responsibly is a community-building and education platform for short-term rental owners, hosts and managers.

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