Data Studio
Data Studio

Rentals United launches revenue tool Data Studio

Spain: Channel management solution Rentals United has announced the launch of Data Studio, a revenue management tool that allows property managers to measure performance in real time.

Led by Doug Truitt, head of revenue success at Rentals United, Data Studio offers a three tier product, and the basic program is included with a basic Rentals United account. It gives users access to an overview of reservation data, with insights as to what channel is performing best as well as year-over-year analysis.

Upgrading to Data Studio Standard or Premium allows for greater detailed access to data analysis. A Premium account includes access to converted reservation data by channel, bedroom type and other foundational metrics, as well as the saturation of data by unit count, number of bookings, revenue share by channel, and more.

Truitt, the creator of Data Studio, said: “Developing the Rentals United Data Studio has been a real labour of love. Empowered with a significant amount of data and wholly believing in revenue success for property managers, Data Studio will be a real game changer for how property managers operate their business on all different strategic levels.

“The goal was to build a tool during these challenging times that helps property managers gain back valuable time by focusing on what matters to strengthen their business,” he added. 

The tool will be fully integrated with Rentals United.

Last week, the company announced two other new product developments: its Channel Management API and the Rentals United White Label. The former allows for more streamlined operations across different technology platforms, whilst the latter gives property management software [PMS] the ability to offer their clients channel management services directly embedded in their software.

Rentals United’s network consists of OTAs and other high-performing booking sites to help rental operators and providers gain a competitive advantage. 

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