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Rentals United has announced two new product developments

Rentals United announces two new product developments

Barcelona: Channel manager Rentals United has announced two new developments, the Channel Management API and the Rentals United White Label, that provide additional features to the property management software [PMS] while simplifying the processes involved.

The new Channel Management API allows for more streamlined operations across different technology platforms.

The Rentals United White Label product gives property management software [PMS] the ability to offer their clients channel management services directly embedded in their software.

Streamlining the tech stack

In the last decade, vacation rental professionals have witnessed the use of an ever-growing software stack to support and grow their business. This tech stack includes property management software, yield management, channel management, work order management, guest communication management, reporting, accounting and more.

While many have tried, there is no single solution that offers top-notch quality in each area, thereby inciting property managers to purchase a variety of software and attempt to try to connect them to each other.

This results in teams constantly switching between different user interfaces throughout their workday which costs valuable business time.

​Channel Management API

The new Channel Management API is designed to streamline all the different processes involved in managing listings across all channels. The new set of API methods allows property managers and software providers to perform connectivity actions across multiple distribution platforms.

Users of the Rentals United Supplier API may now extend the integration to cover additional use cases directly in their software. On top of that, new data points available in the APIs provide actionable insights into the status of the connected inventory.

Michal Wlordarski, head of product at Rentals United, said: “Unlike competitive solutions, the complexity of channel connections has been wrapped in a simple, abstract structure. This greatly increases clarity and shortens integration time as the engineering teams do not need to adapt to individual channels’ specifications.”

Channel Management White Label for PMS

The Rentals United White Label is a cost-effective integration solution for PMSs that would increase product offerings to their clients, thus increasing potential revenue as well as customer loyalty. With a single line of code, a PMS is able to add the full channel management functionality directly into their software and avoid the investment of building it from scratch.

Unlike competitive solutions that are based on iFrames, the product offered by Rentals United takes advantage of modern current-day technologies. This approach guarantees high data security as well as full customisation for streamlined branding opportunities.

Clients of the PMSs, in turn, will have access to Rentals United channel distribution network through one-click, with one consolidated monthly invoice.

Rentals United CIO Emil Majkowski said: “We are constantly innovating with ways to improve our partners’ software to deliver maximum value to the final clients. The White Label is dedicated for the smart PMS companies who intend to focus on providing their client base with the best property management solutions.

“Development costs are eliminated while attention can be kept to the core product, and we have more innovative tech solutions in the works,” he added.​

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