Rentals United has published research on shifts in rental distribution

Rentals United publishes research on shifts in rental distribution

Barcelona: Channel management solution in the vacation rental industry, Rentals United, has published research on shifts in short-term rental distribution in 2020.

The Getting Bookings in 2020: The Advanced Guide 40-page eBook contains “comprehensive” research on recovery tactics and processes for the short-term rental industry

According to Rentals United, property managers can gain expert advice on distribution, shifting traveller behaviours, travel trends, health and safety measures, and pricing strategies.

As the current mobility crisis creates an even greater demand for travel in the future, the collective cabin fever the world is experiencing will produce an appetite for discovering new destinations. The effects of the lockdown coupled with confusing travel restrictions will shift travel and traveller trends.

Rentals United claims that property managers who stay on top of the trends by managing their marketing distribution will pave the way for recovery and the rebuilding of their businesses.

In the recovery phase, short-term rental property managers will seek to capture new traveller segments and markets.

Understanding that the trends will also change over different phases in time can help build momentum in growing bookings. In the short term, travel will be focused on reunion, family and close proximity trips, before it shifts to domestic travel, perhaps incorporating nature and transformational experiences.

To capture early demand, the channel manager has found bookings to shift towards that of domestic travel and mid-term rentals in this recovery and rebuilding phase.

Rentals United statistics have seen a 20 percentage point increase in guests travelling within the same country compared with the previous year. Furthermore, across all the countries where the company distributes short-term rentals, there is an increase in the average number of nights booked compared to the same time in 2019.

Credit: Rentals United

As demand picks up, the competition for bookings will be fiercer than ever. The key to successful recovery, according to Rentals United, is distribution, with 33 per cent of property managers distributing across four or five listing sites.

Property managers who want to stay ahead of the game will need to adapt their marketing mix to attract new traveller types, reach new markets and respond to changed traveller needs.
Credit: Rentals United

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