Rentals United publishes property management system industry research

Barcelona: Channel manager Rentals United has published The Who’s Who of Property Management Systems, a guide to choosing the best property management system [PMS] to help scale vacation rental business.

According to the European Vacation Rental Survey, a report conducted by the data analytics company Transparent, 59 per cent of property managers use a PMS and 67 per cent use a channel manager to maximise their distribution potential. These two pieces of core tech can work together to provide increased opportunities for property managers looking to grow.

PMS software is a critical part of any short-term rental business and enables managers to streamline operations internally and deliver an enhanced guest experience. Choosing the right PMS technology is a crucial decision for property managers and making an informed, calculated choice can offer many benefits, including improved efficiency, reduction of operational costs and increased revenue.

The Rentals United report highlights the qualities which make a PMS stand out from the crowd, making this essential reading for property managers: outstanding operations management, integration with a specialised channel manager, built-in CRM, integration with RMSs and other tools and adaptability.

There are 19 PMS listed in the report, including Hostfully, Guesty, Bookster, Hostify and Bookfull, which makes comparisons based on features offered, pricing structures, integrations, languages supported and investment received. All are connected to Rentals United for extended channel management functionalities.

The Who’s Who of Property Management Systems is an important resource for the short-term rental space and its release will further enrich the research available to industry players. During this period of uncertainty, when growth has slowed, property managers can utilise this research to evaluate the efficiency of their business structure, create a more optimal model and be ready for when the recovery period begins.

Last year, the company released a first edition of its ‘Who’s Who of Short-Term Rental Listing Sites’ guide, a comprehensive, categorised resource of niche listing sites for short-term rentals.

To view the Who’s Who of Property Management Systems guide, follow the link here.

For more information, visit the Rentals United website here.