Rented and Key Data expand strategic partnership

US: Short-term rental data and analytics provider, Key Data, has announced an expanded partnership with revenue management service and software provider, Rented.

The expansion will provide Rented with access to Key Data’s comprehensive dataset to enhance the offerings available to mutual and new vacation rental management clients.

Jason Sprenkle, CEO of Key Data, said: “Like all well-run brands, property management companies should be data driven at their core. With so many different software platforms that don’t integrate well, this can be hard.

“We make it easier by delivering the data in a way that provides powerful insights for our lodging customers. As a result, they can make more timely and efficient decisions, allowing them to continue lead this industry forward.

“We couple that data with the best partnerships in the space, and Rented is exceptional at ensuring that our customers get maximum value from the insights we provide. Andrew [McConnell] has built an amazing team that lends expertise and experience to the data, and we’re excited to be strengthening this partnership even further,” he added.

Rented CEO Andrew McConnell said: “Our deepening partnership with Key Data is great news for professional vacation rental managers. We have always talked about the importance of data, the true source data, as a key pillar to not just revenue management, but also to managing your business as a whole.

“Having worked closely with Jason and the Key Data team since 2019, we are delighted to further deepen and expand this important partnership in service to the professional vacation rental managers we work with,” he added.