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Scandinavian Hospitality has launched its own luxury rental concept

Scandinavian Hospitality launches luxury rental concept

Scandinavia: Nordic luxury brand Scandinavian Hospitality has launched its own luxury rental concept in the Scandinavian market, combining luxury holiday rental villas with five-star hotel service.

The luxury rentals will be equipped with services including private chefs, daily cleaning, hotel linen, bathroom products, and the option to add further premium amenities that can be tailored to each guest’s unique needs. The company already offers 30 high-end villas and by the end of 2021, it hopes to have grown its portfolio to 100 villas and apartment.

In creating the concept, Scandinavian Hospitality is aiming to raise the level of holiday accommodation offerings in the Nordic market [including Denmark, Norway and Sweden], as well as to provide a luxury hotel-like experience in private settings to cater to travellers with high demands.

The company, which has been operating for more than 15 years in the luxury segment, hand-picks its chefs and cleaning staff from the region’s most revered hotels and restaurants to facilitate a premium guest experience, particularly for domestic travellers who are unable to or feel uneasy about venturing abroad due to the global pandemic.

Founder Martin Gunnarsson, the founder of Scandinavian Hospitality, told earlier this year: “With Scandinavian Hospitality, I want to offer the best of both worlds five-star hotel service combined with the privacy the guest receives in private homes. Today we have about 20 villas available to book, before the end of the year we have 100.

“This type of experience has so far been lacking in the Nordic market. This year, in addition, it feels more relevant than ever to offer a new type of holiday in the home country,” he added.

Though the company has been targeting domestic travellers for staycations this year due to Covid-19, it is seeking to shift its focus back to the international market in 2021 with a broader portfolio, allowing guests from further afield to visit and experience hospitality in the Nordic regions.

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